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A message of hope for you amazing women.

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Hi ladies,

I hope everyone is doing ok. I'm pretty new to this forum and read the new posts every day, although not great at replying as no energy right now. Still, I'd love you to know, I see you. I hear you. And for those who are having a really shitty time, I so wish I could drive to your door and give you a massive hug. So many of you are suffering. *hugs*

But this isn't a sad post. It's a good one. I had my staging surgery a few weeks ago, and although still having a super rocky recovery, my results were good. Both masses were serous borderline. No spread anywhere and don't need any further treatment. I realise how incredibly lucky I am to have has this diagnosis. The reason I'm sharing this is to help those who are trawling through all the posts looking for hope during their waiting time, like I did.

Initially, my gynonc had said the masses were "at least borderline" and that a few areas didn't fit with borderline diagnosis so I'll admit I was super worried until I got the path results last week. Thankfully now all I have to do is recover. That in itself has been hard with constant migraines - 5 in a week, a post-op infection, which required IV antibiotics and an extra 3 days in hospital, a readmission this week due to hemorrhaging, and the joy of hot flushes. BUT, it's not full blown cancer so I can deal with the cascade of annoying problems.

I wish with all my heart that those who are searching for hope pre-op get a good outcome, and for those who are fighting OC every day find strength to keep on keeping on. You are all amazing women!

Sending you all love and light.


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Thats great news! You must feel a huge relief. Good luck in the future, sticky3006 xx

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figroll in reply to sticky3006

So relieved! All the very best to you too x

So glad you got the news you were hoping for even if you are going through the mill post operatively. Been there, done that, torn up the t-shirt😉 so your kind thoughts and support are most welcome. Hope your recovery continues well and you soon get rid of those pesky problems. Lots of her hugs.


Great news, Figroll, that you aren't needing to become a frequent visitor here, although you know you'd always be welcome for any advice on the healing ups and downs which may creep out of the workwork, but let's hope they don't.

My GP's advice - "Grow healthy cells" by which he meant eat well, find your forms of physical exercise and rest well...for many of us the latter is the hardest! But enjoy exploring your optiions.

Warm wishes for many steady, healthy and happy years ahead. L x

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figroll in reply to lesleysage

Thank you. Good advice :)

What wonderful news! I remember my staging appointment and the relief mine wasn’t as bad as originally feared. Onwards and upwards x

What lovely news! So happy for you.

Hi, So pleased for you. Thank you for thinking about all the lovely ladies with oc on this site. Gwen xoxox

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figroll in reply to thomas62

I think about them so much. It seems like such a struggle for so many on here. I wish I could do something properly for each and every one. I know I cant so instead will help spread the word to raise funds for OC research.

You take care. Xx

That's great news and no more treatment sounds wonderful. Hope your recovery continues to get better and better and congratulations on your diagnosis! oxox

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figroll in reply to Maxjor

Maxjor, you are one of the many ladies I admire on here. You've certainly been through the mill! Your advice to others has helped me deal with things pre and post op. Thank you.

Lots of luck with everything. Stay strong ✊ xx

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