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Winter wedding


Thank you for all your lovely supportive messages. We had a wonderful day, blue sky and sunshine, nice ceremony and family and good friends at home for afternoon tea. Best thing was that enough of my choir, beechwood cancer care centre choir, cave and we had a lovely sing song.

I was v tired today and went to the Christie for Chemo but had bad allergic reaction the carboplatin even though I've had lots in the past. So it was quite scary with oxygen and lots of antihistamines. Home and feeling lot better now. May go back for very slow treatment next week. Not sure really whether to keep going or call it a day. Anyway I've had the wedding and I'm looking forward to seeing my little darling granddaughters on Xmas day. So once again I wish you all health and happiness now and in 2017

Love Francesca xx

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Hi Francesca,

Your decision,but please don't give up unless you feel you have to.

In any case,you have a lovely time with your beautiful granddaughters,forget about the bad times and take an adjudged decision in the New Year.

We are here,thinking about you,

Lots of love and joyful laughter,

Carole xxx

Francesca , It sounds as if your day was great , and you have things to look forward to , so that's important .

After all my chemo, Carboplatin and taxol , in 2011 , an extra two carbos were added to the regime right at the end . In the last ten minutes , severe shock in seconds and scary it was indeed .

2015 , Prof re introduced carb and whilst first of cycle was fine , severe shock again on second .

This was after body had rejected caelyx we were in a bind , with the bugger cells on a sprint !!

In the end, we went back to weekly , low dose Cisplatin and whilst I was tired and fed up with weekly stuff , it did the trick for a bit . I am now on Immunotherapy trial , a phase 2 , and doing well for the moment .

It's your shout of course , and I can only guess as to how rotten you must feel really .

But if your Oncologist is prepared to try something , why not grit your teeth and go for it ?

You can always back out if it's all too much .

Have a lovely time with your grand daughters and family .

My very best wishes to you .

Thanks for that. What trial is that? Not sure I'm eligible now but will ask. What were side effects of cistplatin like?

Have a good Christmas x

I think you must do what you feel is right for you. You have fought a long and hard battle but I hope that you are able to enjoy Christmas with your family.

Thank you. Will see what doctors say and how I feel next week. have a good Christmas x

Have a lovely Christmas great news about the wedding not so great about the carbo but maybe it's time to rest your body for a while and give it a chance to recharge the batteries

Best wishes for 2017

LA xx

All the best to you too Francesca x

I hope you had a lovely xmas with your grandchildren, It is great to be able to enjoy them, we had our grandson staying for a few days as his parents went to a wedding. I am glad your wedding went well and that something has been sorted regarding your treatment, they can lower the dose or give it more slowly. I wish you well for 2017

Congratulations on your wedding. I hope you had a wonderful Xmas day with your granddaughters xo

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