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Deepest Thanks

Thank you all for your kind words. There were many questions so here is what we can answer off the top. She was diagnosed the 2nd week of Dec 19 years ago. The tumor covered her complete abdominal cavity. Touched both kidneys, her diaphragm, and pubic bone. The 1st CT scan could barely see all the edges. Surgery was the next day. The chemo started 4 days after that. Every 3 weeks for 6 months. A exploratory surgery after that. Once a day pill of Tomoxophin "sorry for spelling" for two years after that. Monthly Ca125 blood test and follow up doc visits for 2 years. Visit frequency dropped as time went on. Now still yearly. By the grace of God there have been no reasons to begin chemo again. Side effects are daily. Foot and leg pain. Some memory loss. Had asthma symptoms for 6 + years. Allergic reactions to wierd things, like antibiotic salves. That only lasted for 5 or so years. It would cause skin burns. Will keep updating list if anyone wants to know.

Sounds daunting doesn't it. This is where your choices are made. The question of questions. Is it worth it???? My wife made her choice after the 1st chemo. YES. Everyone has to make it for themselves. Believe thru and thru, down to your core. I believe the beast must know its presence will not be tolerated.

Keep the faith!!!!

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This is such positive news for all women with this disease and their families. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family x

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Thank you for this info and Happy Christmas

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