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Seonoma/cysts after surgery. What has been your experience?

I have had chemo, surgery and Avastin and emerged as NED. My last CA125 in October was 11. However my CT scan revealed a large fluid filled cyst which has increased since surgery and I was summoned back to the hospital to have it aspirated. The fluid was like a fine white wine in colour. I understand such cysts are quite common after surgery and that there is not much to worry about. I feel fine, if still fatigued and my toes are still numb. What has been other people's experience? Should I worry? I am seeing the surgeon and oncologist in January.

Ps. I have just completed the questionnaire, do fill it in if you have time. All our experiences can help change/improve the way we are treated.

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Hi there, I suggest you wait and speak with your consultant and team and he will go through the results with you, If you have any questions write them down and have them ready, I have not experienced such a cyst recurring and to be honest havent come across it here on the site. It is very early days yet post chemo it may take between six to twelve months to regain your energy

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