Constipation after surgery (tips)


Whilst seeking advice for myself, as I'm still suffering from constipation quite badly now I'm home from hospital I came across this piece. Not sure if anyone else will find it useful, but seeing as this has been harder to deal with over the past few days, than the actual surgery itself I thought it worth a share.

I may well start to reduce my morphine dosage to see if I can cope with the pain, as I think I'd rather be able to go to the loo!!

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  • I was 7 days before I went doctor told me two sachetsmorning then two in afternoon that worked for me xx

  • Sachets of...? You didn't say?

    My plan today is lots of water, movement, vegetarian diet if I can, more prunes, & my probiotic...

    Fingers crossed 🙏🏼

  • Laxato lol xx

  • Hi I drank a large glass of prune juice (Holland and Barrett) before bed, found I had terrible wind if I drank it during the day...ok if you are on your own all day but I wasn't ha ha..anyway it did help to get things moving very slowly. Give your doctor a call if nothing happens soon ☹️ as they can give you movicol satchets which get things moving.

    Hope you feel better soon it's such a horrible thing to go through after your op I remember it well.

    X🌷 X

  • Thanks Angelina, have movicol & suppositories from my time having chemo xxx

  • Gosh you poor love, I think most of us can sympathise though having been there one way or another after surgery! Like angelina, after both ops i drank a cup of prune juice (H&B or Tescos) every morning and evening until i had a movement, which in the case of both ops, was 3 days after! I was also limiting the amount of pain meds i was taking (codeine after first op, tramadol after second) and finding a good balance between pain relief and constipation relief! I know Movicol and Laxido can also be helpful...but if its really bad, I'd definitely go back to your doc.

    Hope things get moving for you quickly's such an awful feeling :(

    Jemima xx

  • Hello! All of the ideas the other ladies have suggested are wonderful. I also added Milk of Magnesia and it worked like a charm. My oncologist said it is safe to use every day because it is not a stimulant laxative. I found much relief after two doses!



  • One of my chemo nurses a relief nurse told me its okay to mix the duphlac or movicol with Milpar or Milk of Magnesia and hot water, it worked a treat for me. Nowadays use prunes in prune juice when I am sluggish and that helps. Beetroot also good.

  • Plenty of water and walking/ moving are really really important! Have heard it suggested pears are especially helpful... There is a reflex action when you've eaten which as adults we ignore but tuning into it and going to the loo straight away (it happens quite quickly after eating) as soon as its felt is worth trying.. There are also some suggestions about how to sit on the loo- a Google should find these!

    Good luck xx

  • Movement, whole prunes, anything with seaweed, watercress, timing, positioning. Reducing the pain killers a good idea as morphine is really constipating and I too would rather have a bit more pain than constipation. Good luck

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