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Hi everyone, I had my third chemo yesterday with the first addition of Avastin. I knew that it was going to take about eight hours but it turned out to be even longer.

I went to the loo, and although I was really careful with the line, it somehow came out. I felt the pain and when I looked at it, my arm was swelling up like a balloon. I went back to the ward and soon everyone was dashing about, switching off the drip, removing the line and calling the doctor. I had an ice pack put on it, then six quite painful injections around the balloon shape. This apparently is the antidote. I suppose when you think about it, a drug that kills cancer cells will also kill cells in my arm. I was sent home with hydrocortisone cream and told to go back if it started blistering. It seems OK but I have to go back on Monday to get it checked out.

Anyway, I asked for my CA25 results and they have dropped from over 400 after my op to 14, and that is on the Carbo/Taxol only as I hadn't started the Avastin then. As you can imagine, I am in high Spirits today!

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  • The injections sound awful well done you for coping so well... It's quite tricky going to the loo isn't it. My nurse told me to hold it and not go but when they pumping in all the fluid you can't hold it. I really think about what to wear on chemo day re ease of going to loo... I've settled on leggings which aren't so attractive on my rather round figure lol. Wow what a drop on you ca125 that such a good feeling when it's unde the 35 cut off point. Best wishes for Monday 😃

  • Brilliant news about your CA125 level! Shame about your hand - I hope it doesn't blister too much. I had a minor leak from the drip after round 4 and my hand currently looks and feels like it has a bad case of sunburn. My CNS has been calling every other day to check up on me!

  • Well I can feel ouch at that to be honest!!! Scary stuff, I would try and go before infusion which is hard because you could be waiting a while to start up. Or maybe go in between carbo and taxol, they wont mind, they will unhook you in between drugs. It is still akward going to the loo with a canula. Probably short trackies might be a good idea too, But it is absolutely brilliant news your 125 is so good. I hope your arm continues to get better which it will. The adventures we have during chemo!!

  • Oh no that sounds quite scary. I hope it's not too painful and the hydrocortisone sorts it out. Great news about your ca125 though. Very positive that it is below 35. You must be well pleased. Xx

  • Gosh, sounds like you had quite a day of it! But YAY for the CA125 results! 👍🏻 Happy Weekend xx

  • So great you had good news after going through all that scary drama.

    Stay with those high spirits and take care !


  • Wow! That's a fantastic drop in your CA125! You must be chuffed to bits! During chemo I had to go about every hour during the afternoon. Had to settle on tracky pants and make sure that the drip stand I had would move easily. Hope the arm stays ok-now I know why they put saline through before they take the drip out.

    Lou xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sorry to hear you had a rough time getting your chemo, but also delighted for you Reg CA 125 results.

    Ellsey xx

  • Oh dear I hope it's better soon. But great that your CA125 has gone down so far.

  • Oh, good news! Yes easy ,loose comfortable clothes are the way to go and make sure you have a lot of slack on the tubes and don't tug.

    It's difficult but it sounds like you are on the way up

    Carole xxx

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