Swollen feet and and ankles

Hi everyone, as anyone had swollen feet and ankles while on weekly taxol also my finger nails have gone a funny colour. I saw my oncologist on Friday before I went for my 17th chemo, he said I was doing well and have been prescribed water tablets to take. He as put me down for ct scan for early January. I have my last chemo next Friday the 16th, hoping to have a break for a while depending on scan results. xx

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  • My nails went really wierd during the weekly taxol, (I also had carbo every three weeks) finger nails more 'normal' now but my toe nails haven't really recovered yet 2 years on but small price to pay and all that 🙂 and there are some amazing nail varnishes out there), Chemo can affect our kidney function and that in turn can cause odeama in the feet and ankles and hands. I was under the impression that a kidney function test is usually part of your pre treatment bloods so I'm sure if there was an issue there they would have seen it? The water tablets should do the trick but be prepared to visit the bathroom more frequently 🚽. It's great that you don't have to have treatment over Christmas so enjoy the freedom. Sending big hugs ❤️Xx Jane 🎄

  • Thanks jane, though I have noticed from one of my nails it doesn't smell very nice. Anyway going on Friday for last chemo so will ask about it, if still same. Have a lovely Christmas, sending big hugs xxx

  • Hi julie,

    Only one more to go. Yay!!!! No treatment over Christmas. Enjoy!!!!

  • Thanks milie I know it feels like I have been on chemo for ever. So looking forward to a break, you have a nice Christmas too, and hope you keeping well. love and hugs xxxx

  • Hi I had carbo/taxol 3 weekly, finished in March this year& since I finished my toe nails are a strange colour & two of the smaller ones have come off now with a new nail underneath. It looks as though this may be the case with the other toe nails but they take time to grow & there is a ridge on each nail so presume eventually they will all have been replaced with a new nail.

    Having lost my hair while having treatment,losing my nails does not seem so bad.


  • Yes I agree with you , it's a small price to pay for what we have and still going through.

  • Hi I had lines appear on two of my nails during chemo which then split and a new nail was underneath... Someone on the HU board at the time mentioned similar and that they were 'Beau's lines'... Do take good care of your feet and a close eye on toes if there is broken sensitive skin as this can be an area where infections happen... Sx

  • Thank-you sunfleury, I will do. my toe nails not too bad just feel numb. It's more with my finger nails,.xx

  • I had weekly dose dense taxol, carbo every third week. Wrapped ice bags on my hands to help prevent neuropathy in hands. Should have wrapped feet in ice as well. Toe nails pretty ugly, ridged, lifting up from nail beds, discolored, shape changing. Currently NED, hoping it lasts.

  • Brilliant, hope it stays ned for you, take care and have a lovely Christmas. xxx

  • My toenails are still hideous, two years after chemo (carbo/taxol) and despite a wonderful chiropodist. Fingernails, however, are stronger than ever and look fine. Go figure. Dark varnish is the answer!

  • I wonder if the toe nails take longer to recover due to lack of air and being closed in by socks and shoes. My fingernails are ok. I read not to use nail varnish as it is drying and can add to splitting. Plenty of moisturiser on hands and feet helps

  • Best of luck with last treatment, you wont be sorry its over, I would suggest you start boots own skin hair and nails a few weeks post treatment and that will help all come back to normal, It may take a while but they do work

  • Thanks susuki, having to go on to hospital today as one of my finger nails is smelling. Think I must have an infection


  • I'm on weekly taxol and have been icing my hands but perhaps should take some for my feet as well. I take ice in a lunch bag. The nurses say they don't do it as they don't have a freezer. It seems odd that they have cold caps for hair but not hands and feet. I'd rather lose my hair than my nails and I'm hoping it also helps with neuropathy. I take a blanket so I don't get too cold and the clinic just has this cotton ones. It's my comfort blankie anyway and then one I take for yoga relaxation.

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