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Young with symptoms and worried

i'm 14, im all new to this, but ever since last january, my body has just packed up, i was on my period constantly for 6 months, i went to my Gp, and they put me on the pill, it didnt do much, But now i dont have one at all, and i understand that, it is normal for young girls, to have abnormal periods, but evr since, last october, i have had constant pelvic pains, and back pains, i haven't been able to eat properly and i'm full very quickly, also i have expeirenced constipation, again, i went to the doctors, and they put me onto omeprozol, or something, which helps, my eating, but give it a week, and im back to were i started, ive had all sorts of blood tests, and they dont seem to tell me anything, i know i could be completely on the wrong page with worrying about ovarian cancer, but am i too young to have it ?

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Hi Sparks!

I am not an expert in any way, but I can see how worried you must be feeling. Why not ring Ovacome (Mon - Fri, working hours) on 0845 371 0554, where they have a helpline staffed by nurses. They would be able to help you, I'm sure. I'm not sure how old the possibility of ovarian cancer starts. It's mainly older women, although I know of a 19 year old who has had it and is now fine. See if you can go back to your GP too, and jot down a list of the things you are experiencing with dates if possible. You sound as if you need to put your mind at rest with another visit. Good luck,



Hi Sparks,

Wendy is absolutely right. Ovarian cancer at your age is really rare. None the less something is going on. Maybe something really small, but whatever you do need to get it sorted.

Sometimes writing a letter to Your GP prior to your appointment can help. It gives you a chance to compose your thoughts (GPs can make you feel flustered) and it gives them a chance to think about your symptoms before they see you.

Whatever - be assertive (not aggressive). You know that things aren't right and your GP needs to sort that out.

Do call the Ovacome nurses though - they are fab!

I hope things sort themselves out.

Good luck!

L x


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