Worried about symptoms. Feel alone

Hi there.

Over the paat 3/4weeks i have had symptoms which i have learnt that could be ovarian cancer. I feel bloated, urge to pee more, stomach/pelvis pains, feel fully easily and some pain in my ovaries. I already have stage4 endometriosis. And have had 2 ops for this. They found out that one pf my pvaries was 10cms with cysts but left it. I have tried seeing my gp and had no look, i have rang them crying and asking to see any dr and nothing. I have been in touch with my gyno and will be seeing him next week. Ive written a complaint letter to my gp as i am disgusted how they havent done a single thing. Im unsur3 if i am over reacting or need to be prepared for what it could be. I am 26years old with a 6yr old and feel as if no1 is listening to me.

i hope someone is able to help.ease the worry.


j x

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  • Hi J, sorry to hear how concerned you are and that you haven't had the support you need.

    Both Ovacome and Target Ovarian Cancer have nurse-led helplines where you'll find expertise and support. Both charities also have apps which you can use to record your symptoms- they generate a printout which helps doctors see exactly which symptoms you are experiencing and how regularly and I would thoroughly recommend them to you.

    I sincerely hope that your concerns are not realised (they may well not be) but admire your strength in persevering in getting a thorough medical check. Do think about ringing one of the helplines,

    Very best wishes,


  • I agree all of with what Sunfluery says,failing that,could you not take yourself to A and E,you would have to have the appropriate tests done there,you are being made to wait too long,

    Carole xxx

  • My local a&e which is peterboeough has warned people recently to not go unless you are in need of medical attention as they are short staffed. I will give the helplines a call today. Thank you x

  • Awww that's awful... thought mine was bad but at least I have been see... did you mention to your gp that your worried it could be cancer they are obliged to see you then at least get a blood test for ca125 and a scan to see what's going on

  • Hi Love,

    I would listen to Shelly too,it's probably nothing,but, if it turns out to be something, the sooner you get advice the better.That is the case for anything,

    Please let us know how you get on,


    Carole xxx

  • Heyy i have finally seen my gp. Had bloods done. Ca125 came bk as 11 so way under the 35 mark. Now thinking ots my endometriosis that is getting worse. I have the gyno on tuesday. Same symptoms and pain is getting worse so fingers crossed a scan gets booked and i get some amswers xx

  • If you're coping with Stage 4 endemetriosis, you're coping with a lot ( and with a little one!).

    Remember you can ask for a second opinion about your treatment plan when you see your gynae chap next week.

    The Eve appeal also has a helpline and they deal with gynae matters more generally.

    Your CA 125 is encouraging, so you are probably right. But we don't all have CA 125 that tells a useful story.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Jessica, you've already had some sensible responses and i'd second getting a scan done. I'm sure it is nothing untoward but my CA125 was 7.9 & my rather large 'cyst' turned out to be a borderline mucinous tumor (which was found via Ultrasound and diagnosed via pathology) so push for whatever you can get to be absolutely sure. I wish you well. Jemima x

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