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Worried crazy

Hi all was wondering if anyone could shed some light. I've had dull period like pains in my abdomen and back for a while (unsure how long) a couple of weeks ago I felt as though I had a water infection during the day which only lasted 2 days and hasn't returned. My tummy was bloated for a a few days also but since then I've had a period. It's pretty flat now but still have dull aches. I went to see my gynaecologist and she did an internal and said she couldn't find anything abnormal in my abdomen, though I keep prodding myself to feel!! What's worrying me is I had the ac125 test which came back as 35! Is this high and should I worry? I'm having a private scan Tuesday. 😪 stressed isn't the word x

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Hi, try not to worry until you have had the scan. Ca125 of 35 is just at the top end of normal range. Make sure you have an internal as well as abdominal scan. Hopefully it will set your mind at rest. But, make sure you have a further ca125 test to see if it drops, stays same or goes up. Unfortunately I found to my cost that ultrasound scans do not always show smaller tumours and it was only when my ca125 had gone up significantly that further scans and investigatory surgery were carried out. I don't want to unnecessarily worry you as my case was the exception rather than the norm, but just to say make sure you have follow up plan with your gynae. Good luck, I know it's a horribly worrying time.

Madeline x


Hi thank you

I've never worried as much in my life and now every tiny twinge of pain I'm like "what's that" I read on an nhs page somewhere that more often than not if a cancer was advanced then the test would more than likeky be quite high! Do you think this is correct? x


Yes, usually that is the case but mine had gone up to 'only' 98 4 months after it was 40 so the consultant still thought it was unlikely to be cancer - it is often in the 1000's. Unfortunately he was wrong and it was stage 2c when diagnosed. Raised ca125 can be caused by other things like fibroids which is why it is not reliable on its own but it still shouldn't be dismissed by doctors too easily. Just make sure you go back and get it checked and keep track of your symptoms.


Hi Stircrazy,

I can understand your fear and worry. I am also going through the agony of waiting for results. Everyday feels like it goes on forever and I jump when the phone goes or Postman arrives in case its bad news.

I am aware there is little risk of cancer and my problem is probably just fibroids which may be your problem too.

My Ca125 is also normal at 13 but you are bound to worry until somebody can confirm you are okay. My mass was picked up on a trans-vaginal scan which is probably what you will be offered next. Then I had an MRI scan which is a lot clearer image which can inform the Gynae consultant what the mass is made of.

Its good news your GP could not feel anything abnormal and its good news your CA125 is with-in normal limits.

You may find Dr Google very tempting, but resist if you can as it can be full of rubbish. On this site you will find wonderful support and advice as all these ladies have been through the "what ifs " stage just like you are. Have you been referred to a Gynae consultant out patient appointment? That's likely to be the next step.

sending you very best wishes and fingers crossed you have nothing to worry about. Let us know how you get on

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Thank you so much! The more I read on Google the more I worry. I read that woman find it hard to eat and swallow food, I didn't have a problem with this until I read it, now all of a sudden I worry when I'm eating. Then I read people have bad bloating at all times, I'm constantly checking my tummy, it feels uncomfortable but doesn't look bloated I don't think. I'm not constipated I go to the loo most days. I'm not weeing too often (5 times today since 5am) but I do get back ache at times when I need to wee. Sorry to be crude I did have the runs this afternoon but I did have a hot curry last night!! Normal stools this morning. I'm paranoid about every little thing x


The human body is an amazing and complex thing. No wonder you are now super aware of every little twinge and ache.

It is sooo much more likely your symptoms are going to be completely harmless than to be cancer. The one thing to remember on this site is because this is a Ovarian Cancer site all the women here have confirmed cancer. It sounds obvious but reading the posts here can make cancer seem very common. Actually its not. Apparently the average GP will only see an Ovarian cancer once in five years from the thousands of worried patients that go through the surgery doors.

I have been given very good advice from the ladies here about coping with the waiting to see consultants or results from tests : keep busy and give yourself lots of little treats .

I have taken this on board and am consuming lots of chocolates !

sending you lots of positive thoughts


❤️Thank you! Lots of love and enjoy your chocs xx


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