Successful surgery

Surgery went well. I'm in a lot of pain but they said they got everything out!! I'm NED!! Still have to go through chemo after I recover.

They had to take my spleen out and some cancer on my diaphragm so it's close to the lungs and hard to breath at times. I have been able to take several laps around the hospital unit. They are really happy with my response to chemotherapy and how I did during the surgery. Thank God!!

I still have a long road with recovery. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Hope everyone is doing well.

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  • Good news! Keep up the recovery now and get plenty of rest xxx

  • Hey Ange,

    All sounds good (except for the pain of course but as they say that too will pass). I am happy for you that you have had such a positive outcome. Get plenty of rest now and let your body heal.

    All the best and Happy Christmas!


  • So happy to read that!! I've been thinking about you. Now I have a mental picture of you walking around that unit, as I was in the same place:) Great news!

    Sending hugs and healing thoughts xx


  • Keep up the walking! I found that to be the most important in recovery after surgery to also help with gas pains. So happy for you! Stay strong!xo


  • Great news! so happy for you :) xx

  • Hiya Ange !!!

    I was I the same position 2 weeks ago ! It is bloody painful isn't it ! My surgery also resulted in NED and I too have to still have the 3 chemotherapy sessions! It's such a great feeling isn't it, after all we have been through, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel..

    I'm still in a bit of pain but that's controlled by painkillers, have you got lots of wind ! That was and continues to be one of the worst things 👹😡..

    Anyway, well done you !!

    Keep in touch,

    Much love ❤️ Jackie xxx

  • Wonderful news, so pleased for you and also that you're already able to epwalk around the unit too, that will help,with your bowels! Take it easy and look after yourself, you've had a major surgery and need to rest and relax in between little walks and NO lifting or straining.

    Hope you have a big smile 😀😀

    Take care


  • Congratulations on such a good result. The pain will get better and walking really will help to get 'things' moving (if you know what I mean😊 🚽). Get plenty of rest too, don't do too much and take lots of care. You should be feeling quite a bit better by Christmas but let everybody else do it for you this year and just be along for the ride and enjoy. Good luck with your chemo, big light at the end of the much shorter tunnel now. Keep up the good work ❤️Xx Jane

  • This is wonderful news! Let it help aid your recovery. Take it easy and well done!

    Any little tips, message me, I'm in on 9/1 for mine. Eek! Xx

  • Well done Ange you must feel so relieved. Take care and as said above keep up with the little walks for recovery. Good tip for wind problems, peppermint tea. I stayed away from coffee just drank the tea and found I didn't have any problems. My surgeon also said I couldn't cook Christmas op was 30th Nov a few years ago, so leave that to someone else.

    Good luck with your recovery and Happy Christmas

    Lynda x🌷x

  • So glad your surgery went well. Now put your feet up and rest! Enjoy 🎄🎄🎄x

  • Fantastic ,now take it easy and enjoy your Christmas and listen to your body 😘

  • So pleased for you. It's good you're up and about as that aids your recovery. Speak to the nurses about the pain your experiencing, they may be able to give you something for it.

    All the best!

  • so happy for you that the surgery went well....yes, it is a long road...but you started it with the first steps and you did well.....keep on carrying on!!

  • So please you are ok and please make sure you rest!! Am sending love and light to you and hope you are feeling better in a few days and that you have people around you. Much love x

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