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Debulking Surgery

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well.

My mother was diagnosed with Stage 3c OC and had her debulking surgery on June 7th. During this surgery, the surgeon found suspicious tumors on her spleen and took that out as well. Most likely cancerous - but waiting to here back. All her other organs looked fine, though there did take out her appendix just as a precaution. Thankfully, her surgery was optimal, so I feel at least I can take a deep breathe for relief!

Has anyone else experienced mets to their spleen without experience any other mets (to liver or lungs)? I've been trying to look up information but it seems that her phenomenon is a bit rare.



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kristinaapril, Hooray for your mother's optimal debulking, which mostly likely is R-O. Yes, I had mets to spleen but also had them on omentum. Appendix removed as precaution. Yer mum is extremely lucky to not have mets to colon and bladder. So, she's a VERY lucky gal!


Thanks for your support! Glad to know that spleen mets aren't as uncommon as mr. Google tends to believe!

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I'm glad the surgery was a success. Mine recurred next to my sternum, but chemo dealt with it. I presume she's having chemo as well?


Yes! 3 or 4 more rounds of dose-dense (carbo and taxol) once she recovers!


Yes I had a tumour both in and on my spleen so the spleen was removed. I had nodule close to the liver but not on it or in lungs. I was diagnosed stage 3C


Thanks! I have been to afraid to ask if this changes her stage!


Hi Kris - consider your Mum lucky - I was diagnosed January 2014 stage 4 PPC. Had debulking September 2014, losing spleen, appendix, tail of pancreas, omentum, piece of bowel, part of diaphragm, peritoneam, plus all gynae bits - but guess what - I'm still here enjoying life and even played 18 holes of golf today - with a buggy of course! Tell your Mum to go for it girl.



I am so sorry about your diagnosis but I am glad you are able to enjoy life! I am beginning to realize how lucky my mom is!

I think a lot of my disappointment and depression was due to the fact that CT scans made it appear that only the omentum (plus gynae) bits were affected. Having the surgeon come out and tell us spleen was effected too was a big shock. Meanwhile, I had to ask him if it was an optimal surgery! (On a side note, he is a one of the best gynae oncologist surgeons in the U.S.; however, his conversation skills are lacking, ha!)

I am making sure my mom is resting well and not overdoing it, which for her, is difficult. We have a holiday planned on the 25th and she is ready to continue enjoying life!

Hope all is well with you and you can continue doing what you enjoy!


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