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Was just wondering how long after chemo was started did the ascites seem to go away. I have my 2nd of 9 series tomorrow, then debulking surgery and then 9 more chemo....I thought the onc told me it would dry up right away. I know I only have had one so far and next is tomorrow but I feel impatient. I just want that part gone. Thanks ladies for any comments in advance. Such a scary journey to venture on.

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I had mine drained all 5 litres of it before I started chemo so not able to answer your question. I just wanted to wish you well and hope that it soon disappears as I remember being so uncomfortable. Xx


I know it is the worst and a constant reminder of what is going on. I had mine drained 1.5 liters and then again 2 liters right before first chemo so it doesn't hurt as much, lol just look like a 65 year old pregnant lady!!


I had some drained before chemo but it was pretty much gone by chemo 3...hope yours is the same xx


Thanks Lyndy


I didn't have any drained (looked 9mths pregnant), and I would say that by the time I was in between chemo 2 and 3 it had pretty much resolved itself. In my scan after chemo 3 there was only the tiniest trace of it left behind, but it was all gone by the time I had surgery 3 weeks later.

I hope you start to see an improvement soon.

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I had mine drained,then op and chemo,but never had a problem after op.I was told the op or chemo would get rid of it,I know it is so uncomfortable,but sounds like you are going the right way to get it gone,

All the best Carole xxx


I have ascites drained tomorrow before 2 nd line chemo on Thursday. I sympathise because ascites is truly horrible.

Hope you get some relief soon

Judy x


So sorry ladies you are both in discomfort at the moment, I never had a drain but I want to wish you both well in your treatment.


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