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Hello Ladies,

Wondered if anyone could tell me if they had had ascites that was resolved by having chemo or has it always had to be drained?

If it was resolved by chemo, roughly how long did it take and how did you deal with the terribly uncomfortable feelings while you waited?

Thanking you in anticipation


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Had ascites when first diagnosed. I had it drained a bit but came back in a few days and then chemo resolved it completely.Took approx 3 weeks then woke in middle of night with feeling it was going down and that was the turning point . Such a relief. I looked pregnant and was back in my maternity clothes from baby 8 months previously . Hope it resolves for you soon.

Hi Lisa.i had almost 2stone of fluid removed by drain in side abdomen.there was some fluid left on my chest cavity and groin area.The chemo had gotten rid if it after the 3rd session which was last Oct 14 and I haven't had it since.

Yes, that's exactly what happened to me. I looked 9 months pregnant ad couldn't put on my shoes or pants:-) Chemo resolved it in about 3 months and then had surgery followed by 6 more chemo's. I never had the ascites drained but a small amount was removed for testing which confirmed the OvCa diagnosis, along with a Ca 125 of 9,800. Following surgery, Stage 1V Ovarian cancer was the diagnosis (over 16 years ago). When 6 chemo's were completed after surgery, I was in remission and am still NED today (no evidence of disease).

During the time I had the ascites I wore tent-like dresses which were in style at the time, so I bought about 4 of them. It was very uncomfortable to look like a pregnant lady, but there was no pain, so didn't complain. I hope that the ascites goes away with the help from chemo - as it did with me. Sandy.

Hi Lisa. I had ascites at initial diagnosis and at recurrence and both times needed draining a few times before chemo started (between 4 and 7 litres each time!). However once chemo started I didn't need draining again. It stopped increasing more or less straight away and had virtually after second chemo infusion.

Hot water bottles and laying down with feet raised were the only things that helped I'm afraid.

I know how uncomfortable it can be so I do hope it starts to clear up for you soon.

Much love

M.B. Xxx

Hi Lisa

I could barely move around with the build up of ascities. They tried to drain the fluid from my abdomen without much success. However within 48 hours of my first lot of chemo (carbo-taxol) I noticed a difference and after the second lot of chemo all the fluid had cleared and I felt brilliant!!

Good luck and hope you feel much more comfortable soon


Hi Lisa,

I wrote a post a few months back and some ladies gave me some really useful information: - if it helps mum had hers drained for a couple of days in hospital (as it became really bad) then after her next chemo it went away and hasn't come back. :)

I had ascites & a pleural effusion at initial diagnosis. I had the pleural effusion drained pre-op but not the abdominal ascites. I had surgery & so far the ascites have not returned, despite recurrences.



took 3 taps, and then the chemo knocked it out completely.

finished with debulking, first round chemo, and im ned! hang in there. aside from the significant discomfort, being a woman of---ahem--a certain age, and looking on the verge of delivery, was the worst.....

hang in there!

Mine was resolved with Chemo, but it was a draw of the ascites fluid that showed cancer cells. I was so grateful when that subsided!

Hi Lisa

On my initial diagnosis in 2011 I had 8 litres of fluid removed. For me it wasn't uncomfortable even if my visitors glimpsed the bag every now and then. My chemo got rid of any remaining fluid and touch wood it hasnt returned . I am not sure anymore if that is the present day approach. Please do not worry about the actual procedure. I was so happy that all that fluid sloshing around inside me and making me look like an elderly mother of quads was about to disappear , that I would have allowed them to do anything to deflate me .


Hi lisarm5. Yes I had ascites and I had it drained and had 2-1/2 litres taken out. It was not really uncomfortable just a slight cut then a drain put in and I laid down for a few hours while it drained out. The only uncomfortable part was when they pulled out the drain but it only lasted a few seconds. I then went on to have chemo, surgery and now more chemo. So don't worry about the drainage, its nothing.



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