2nd operation

2nd operation

This second round of surgery has really knocked me around and to top it off I have an infection in the incision site and taking antibiotics .

I feel really low today and wonder how much more I can take.

In the space of 5 weeks I've had 2 operations and been told I have ovarian cancer life sucks !!

It's difficult being positive everyday and I feel fragile and this frustrates me as I manage a busy inpatient psychiatric ward . I miss work and my friends and I miss my life. Sorry for the self pitying but it's got to come out somewhere and I always tell my own patients it's always good to let your emotions out maybe I need to listen to my own advice !!!!

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  • Two ops in 5 weeks + this horrid diagnosis must be as tough as it gets. You don't sound 'self pitying' to my ears - just honest and, in my book, that's the first step to getting on with the reality of each day; then your love of life and natural humour will gently and gradually creep back in, I'm sure.

    Take care of yourself, Sarah - allow yourself a new sort of kindness as you chunk your way through each day and its difficulties.

    Warmest wishes,


  • Hi there

    What a beautiful photo !

    Poor thing , two major operations in 5 weeks , it's no wonder you are feeling rough. I had two in 5 months and found that really hard. Plus you have had an infection and of course that shock diagnosis. Expecting to be positive all day every day is not realistic at this point, but in the coming weeks you will notice that you feel better more and worse less.

    As you know , being in healthcare, there is only one thing for this , rest rest and more rest. I'm a huge believer in midfulness.

    I was operated on for the first time nearly seven years ago. One of the reasons I keep an eye on these boards is to say to new girls that this is prop ably one of the biggest operations anybody could have and it takes ages to get over. But you will and you will get back to normal again and you will be back with your colleagues and patients again. If I can do it anybody can . You look so young and this is a horrible time which you will get over.

    Take care of yourself

    Love n hugs xxx

  • I'm not surprised you're feeling so fragile Sarah. Two lots of surgery and a cancer diagnosis would knock the stuffing out of humpty dumpy. I was originally diagnosed four years ago and remember feeling like you are when I first had surgery and then when I had chemo and there was a time during chemo I thought "I can't do this" but I did and you will too (even though you probably don't believe it at the minute).. Take each day as it comes and you will turn the corner and your physical and mental strength will return and you will get your life back but in the meantime keep posting on here as we all understand and we will be with you every step of the way. Big hugs Sarah, you've got this, love Kerry xx

  • Great pic ... I can so relate to your post ... don't think it is self pitying at all it's the reality of Oc ... it takes your perfectly normal life and flushes it down the toilet... your upside down and your life as you know it no longer exists... you have the shock of major op (two in your case) which I can only imagine is horrendous... then you get kicked while your down and told you have cancer... yes being positive is great and it is the right state of mind to be in.... I laugh 😂 at the most ridiculous things just to keep me going... but I cry too... no one fighting this horrible disease can be positive all of the time ... it eats away at your confidence and you become a patient ... lets fight back and reclaim our independence... is it possible to meet your work friends for coffee... I have and although it's not my normal life I feel part of the real world again ... its awful when you feel sick and stuck watching Tv when your so used to working hard for a living ... fresh air works wonders but I want to be normal again and re enter my own life ... I'm sure we will get there in the end 💪🏻❤️

  • Yes you are totally right, you have to be kind to yourself. I had two ops and after the first I had an infection had to be readmitted for iv antibiotics and then return for dressings for about a month after. Second time around I requested antibiotic cover and they did give me injection post op which did the trick. Those little words the oncologist tells us all arent what we ever want to hear. In addition you are now a patient and not the doctor. There is role reversal and really that is hard to take. To lose control of your life is upsetting to say the least. I am not a freak control but I had never been ill before so it was a huge blow to find I was dependent on others, Your life is changed and you really have to learn to go with the flow as a friend advised. It will take a few weeks for you to regain your strength post op so rest, short walks and duvet days if you feel like it. Hope this doesnt sound like a lecture, I just speak from experience.

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