Recovery after operation

I'm really struggling today!!!!

I really thought 4 weeks after my operation I would be a lot more back to normal.

Reality is I don't have much energy today. I feel quite tearful for no reason too. Just completely fed up of doing nothing.

My surgeon says not to expect too much after extensive ultra radical surgery as it is a very intensive operation. I guess I'm just impatient??

Anyone have any advice to help with recovery?

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  • Hi Millie

    I'm sorry to hear you are feeling down. I wonder if you have had much support to explore your feelings not just about the op but the whole caboodle? It's a huge deal and I just sense that your frustration is not just about you physically? Forgive me if I'm wrong but I wonder if your local cancer support centre might suggest a way to help you through this?

    All the best. L

  • Was thinking of ringing them today, but just didn't feel up to it. Will try and ring in the morning. Cx

  • I rang my macmillan centre for same tearful post op reasons and they were lovely. They told me to pop in the next day but I felt better by then. She just listened and said the usual you are doing so well but I needed to hear it. Give it a go. They have loads of post op call I was told.

    Tracey x

  • Thanks Tracey, appreciate your response and messages.


  • Hey Millie!

    Sorry you are feeling a bit down today! I have to say that post surgery I was very weepy for no reason on a regular basis and my surgery was laparoscopic! My GP told me that we, as in women, hold anesthetic in our bodies for a long time and it can do funny things to our system for quiet a while after!!!

    Hopefully it will get better soon! At the same time if you feel the urge to cry let it out! I always feel better after a good cry!!!!

    Onwards and Upwards!


  • Thanks D,

    It does do u good to av a good cry. Thanks for your support.


  • Hi Millie. 4 weeks isn't much time at all. Post op I gave myself 6 weeks in my head and told myself not to expect too much. It helped that the Drs had said no driving. It made me and others realise how serious it was. I often felt light headed and sore. But week 5 really saw an improvement. I began to feel more like me again. Unfortunately I then started chemo but that's adifferent story! Be kind to yourself and rest. T. X

  • Rosewall101 thanks for your reply,

    I start my chemo next Tuesday. Have to say I'm not looking forward to it.

    Any advice u have would be appreciated.

  • Dear Millie, looks like our oncologist have us on a similar schedule. I started chemo 5 weeks post op on a Tuesday. Must be in their training manual! But, youre different because you had chemo before too and that must make a difference in both surgery recovery and emotional stuff too. Do you have 3 chemo sessions ahead of you? I may not be your best support for chemo as I find it so tough. 10 days on I finally feel less sick and in pain. Now my head is a little more together I can make sure I speak to my oncologist about new drugs that willhelp me more.

    I'm not sure I'm helping Millie but if goodwill can get us through, this site is a wellness centre.

    T. X

  • Hi Millie sorry to hear you are feeling down, I am 7 week post surgery and like you just felt there was no end in sight, but I have to say with

  • Sorry Millie sent my reply half finished, lol x now with a few niggles from time to time , another couple of weeks I hope you will feel the same, I also started chemo up to now no major side effects, I wish you all the best in your recovery,

    Take care

    L x

  • Hi Millie

    You have had massive surgery. My surgeon and oncologist said it can take approx 4 months until you start to feel better. It's ups and downs each day.

    Sone days just getting washed is a struggle. Don't be so hard on yourself. You had chemo before your surgery so that takes it out if you. I think you are doing amazingly well so far.

    It's hard when you feel friends and family don't realise how serious your op was. We see everyone carrying on as normal.

    My wound still not healing 4 weeks after surgery so nurse in every other day. Driving me nuts. They say potter around but to do what??

    My chemo can't start until wound heals so cant start for approx 3 weeks.

    It all feels like it will never end doesn't it.

    I think of you Millie. Be strong. We will all get there. One day at a time.

    Sarah x

  • I must not been be as tough as these other ladies. I know I'm not. I was gob smacked at the diagnosis and continued with the prolonged post op stay at the hospital. I was ok with chemo for about 3-4 weekly rounds. Then I just couldn't eat. I lost control, that was tough. Some entity, cancer, was in control, and I hated it.,hated it!

    Being afraid is part of the package. You don't know what's going to happen next.,

    You might well awful,for weeks/months. But eventually, if treatment is effective, you will start feeling better. Don't expect so much of yourself. Be kinder to yourself. Take care, Nesie 237

  • Hi. I've been feeling down sometimes having just finished chemo, and for me it's about having my life turned upside down and then nothing. Takes a while to get it all back on track again. The whole thing is an enormous shock and life change. Do you have friends who can come round for a chat and a cuppa? If not, phoning MacMillan sounds like a good idea. I wondered about the Samaritans too but I know two of them and I'd be embarrassed next time we met even without saying anything if it was one of them who answered. It seems trivial but the wet weather doesn't help as it's harder to get out. I always feel better if I go for a walk, have you tried that? even just round the block, for a change of scenery from your four walls. Hope you feel better soon. xx

  • It is very hard but it will improve, I promise! I am post 3 ops and two bouts of Chemo 3 years apart and I am OK, you will be too! Be kind to yourself and set small goals, mine was sorting my garden which I have achieved to the limit I am able. I also take a low dose anti depressant which has helped me a lot. Big hugs x

  • Hope you doing better now. Don't feel quilty for crying. I think we can be strong and put on a good front and our bodies are so weak they just break us down. I feel nothing but blessed but still get so weak sometimes I just breakdown when I don't have a specific reason. Don't be afraid to reach out to people. I hate being alone, I find someone to come visit or get out with someone. I am blessed to have wonderful support from family and friends. Praying good days are ahead for you.

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