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I am 39, a smoker, poor, and I haven't had insurance for 2 yrs. So no doc visits in 2 yrs. Until an ER visit prompted xrays and a ct scan. Long story short multiple lung nodules..a month later biopsy of one nodule..ct scan new nodule needs biopsy and multiple new nodules have shown up. Aside from that though I decided to get a gyno appt because of horrid periods..excruciating ovulation..irregular menstration..and daily pulsing lightning like ovarian pain. Sometimes just a few pulses..sometimes all day with increasing intensity. I am about 135 to 140 lbs the last few years and a size 9 or 10 but im down to 122 right now for no apparent reason and weirder than that no change in pants size..actually they are usually tight on me most days. On top of that I urinate quite a bit more often during the day than Im used to and now Im urinating 5 to 7 times per night most nights. Ive had cysts on my ovaries nearly every gyno visit but doc says its normal. This used to be bearable but now its not. So I went to gyno and he did a full pelvic exam causing me excruciating pain. Says he thinks pelvic pain is endometriosis. He has set up an ultra sound for my ovaries and uterus. My worry is I live in a small town..have had ultrasound before..same doc that said my cysts are normal is gonna be the one looking at new ultrasound..not transvaginal either..pretty sure our hospital wont use it or buy it. Im very concerned that something will be missed..this pain is not normal..im afraid that its never going away. Im terrified its cancer. Any advice?

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  • Hi Jminard,

    No one should be in pain and urinating this amount during the night,not at your age.

    Being in a small town,is there no chance of getting a second opinion somewhere else?

    You have a nurse on this site that would be worth having a chat with for further advice.It sounds like you have lost faith in this particular doctor and your weight loss could be down to worry.

    Do you have bloating,lack of appetite,sickness and any bleeding outside of periods?

    Also, have you had any blood tests,particularly the CA125 test,which isn't always accurate,but was in my case.

    I would hear what he has to say,but,would Definately be getting a second opinion,also maybe a PET or CAT scan

    Carole xxx

  • Welcome.

    I'm sorry for your worries, but suspect this site will not be too helpful for you as we're in the UK.

    Mercifully we don't have to worry about health insurance, at least not yet, - rich or poor. And we're a much smaller country. I'm suspecting you're in the US.

    The following is a similar site to this but with wise and friendly women in the US who'll understand better your challenges.


    Good luck!

  • Whether you live in a big town or small town your doctor has a duty of care towards you. If you are not happy return and remind him on this. I am not sure what country you are in or if you can have acess to another hospital some miles away, I think at this stage ask for a referrral to a gynae consultant. It is nobodys business only your own so take no notice of nosey people. You have to do what is best for you.

  • I thank you all for your advice..and I think I have lost faith in the nearest doctor..however here in America when you are on insurance you have to follow their rules and to see a doctor outside of our provider network requires a referral. To get that you need all those wonderful tests which they wont give you without a very compelling reason. They will run a ton of unnecessary tests that find nothing then say you must be psychosomatic and not go further. Its ridiculous. For instance..with my nodules they immediately referred me to a pulmonologist but nowhere inbetween have they drawn a single vial of blood. Nope..ct scan straight to biopsy and inconclusive results..rather than try other blood tests or PET scan they put me on prednisone for some inflammation they saw. Yep that solved everything lol. I have the same dread about this..they are gonna miss something and send me off home. I do love that there are so many people on here no matter where you are from..helping each other. Its a great thing. And thank you all again, your time and words are greatly appreciated! :)

  • Oh and to answer Carols1..I dont know if having 3 periods in 35 days counts. Or bleeding for 4 straight months til I went and got a shot of Depoprovera. That happened two winters in a row. When I say periods I mean each lasted 5 days..each I cramped thru out..and two seperate 2 day long ovulation type pains between them. I dont have lack of appetite..actually Im starving..alot..I ate a whole loaf of bread making sandwiches every hour a week ago. The next day just 3 meals but I felt like I was starving between them. I do bloat badly..looking very pregnant after meals..not every time I eat but most times. I think my pants are still tight because of bloating because last time i got down to 130 I was wearing size 7s. I am 122 lbs now and still in 9s and 10s. It could be stress i suppose but I am always stressed..I usually add weight not subtract lol. No I have not had CA125. Id like to get that done plus BRCA 1 and 2 checked and D 70? But docs only order what insurance will pay for. Kinda sucks I know..trust me I know! Hope that covers everything. Zero blood taken, zero urine taken, waiting for Mondays ultrasound and hoping they figure it out. Thanks again..much appreciated!

  • Welcome from across the pond 🙂, Could you possibly have fibroids? They can give symptoms similar to what you've described? As Suzuki says push for a gynae consult. You also shouldn't be having to go to the bathroom so many times during the night so perhaps a urology consult may be needed. Could you have a food intolerance that causes the bloating? Bread does it to me so sadly I have to avoid it. Good luck with your tests, I would have thoughts bloods and urine samples were standard procedure. I really hope the ultrasound shows what's happening and that you get some satisfactory answers and relief from your symptoms very soon. ❤️ X

  • Hi Love,

    Just like to wish you the best for Monday,can't understand why you haven't had better testing,but hope they sort it out for you,

    Come back and let us know how you get on

    Carole xxx

  • Hi. My symtoms were bloating,constipation,weight loss.When I loss weight I found a lump.They did multiple test.including a scan.Nothing showed up to indicate cancer.Thought it was a benign cyst.We're they wrong.They operated to remove the lump and found that I was full of cancer.Closed me up. Was told I was inoperable.Started chemo which worked great for me.Took a chance on me and operated and got all the cancer continued with more chemo.When I reoccurred I was bloating again and ask to test me for ca 125. It had risen. This is an idicator for me that my cancer was back.Did a scan and cancer was back.So not to scare you,I would get a second opinion . Bloating,weight loss,constipation, all your other symtoms something may be going on.I thought two months ago my cancer was bavk again as I was bloating again and ask for a ca 125.This time I was in the clear.No change.This time it was diet related.As of now I am stable..

    Write down guestions to take with you to your doctor.I was scared, but my husband came with me at all my appt.Take someone with you. Push for answers. Good luck.Let us know how everything goes.Take care.

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