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Can someone please read my additional information and help me as ive lost all faith in my doctors :(

Ive had this pain in my lower right abdominal area which has recently moved further down so now its my lower right abdominal and pelvic area. its a bruise like feeling which is not a pulled muscle as a doctor suggested as it hurts nearly 24/7 wether im moving or not. Its horrific and its petrifying because when ever i type in my symptoms the results given are all related to Ovarian cancer. I was sent for a Ultrasound scan, they also done a internal mid last year and results came back normal but pains continued regardless of wt medication i took. ive recently attended another ultrasound scan and i know for a fact theyre going to say its normal again but i know this isnt normal and im scared and in alot of pain and everytime i seek professional advice they keep giving me different answer. Im in alot of pain and i really hope someone can relate and give me some sort of answer as to what it could be?

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I can understand why you're feeling worried by the symptoms and the apparent lack of response. It may help you to collect some more info to take to your GP and ask for a referral to a gynaecologist maybe.

There's a lot of info on the Ovacome website, it's

There is loads of info on the fact sheets (look under 'resources'). There is also info on how you can contact a nurse who will give you advice, but I think the helpline is closed until Mon at 10 a.m. It's worth ringing though....they are really understanding and very approachable. The other thing that may help you is the BEAT symptom tracker, (look under BEAT ovarian cancer with Ovacome) you can look at symptoms and record your own symptoms over the course of a few weeks and print out your record to take to the next appointment with your GP or Gynae specialist.

Good luck with finding out what is causing the problem.

Love Wendy xx

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My ovarian cancer was picked up with an ultrasound scan so I am pleased to hear that your scan was normal. However, you have every right to be concerned - whatever is going on requires investigation. As Wendy suggests, using the BEAT symptom tracker would be a good start. Do tell your doctor that you are worried that it could be ovarian cancer and they should carry out tests to hopefully rule it out.

It was originally thought I had a urine infection and then kidney stones (I spent nearly a week on a urology ward trying to pass kidney stones that I didn't have.) Eventually I had an ultrasound scan which picked up something in my right fallopian tube and something on my left ovary. I then had CA125 test (a blood test that looks for a chemical that is produced by some ovarian cancer cells. However, this chemical is not specific to ovarian cancer and may also be raised in many benign conditions, so a raised level of CA125 does not definitely mean you have ovarian cancer.) which was high. I then also paid privately for an MRI scan to speed up my diagnosis and surgery. Mine did turn out to be ovarian cancer.

Good luck and I hope you find answers to your questions and some relief from your symptoms whatever the cause may be.



I'm sure no Doctor, but if you are in that much pain, and it were OC, believe me you would have an obvious mass there. It sounds like you should be checked for a hernia..


Hi there ... Just to say that mine wasn't picked up by CT or CA125 though I was late stage. Love Tina x x




It's not advice really. It's just my own experience of this. Love Tina x x


Hi tina. May I ask how yours was picked up please?


There was no evidence of any disease from CT. My disease is microscopic but throughout the abdomen... well, it was at the time of diagnosis. Now, areas aren't like that and have grown over each other. I was told it could be an embolism between the liver and the heart, cancer or.. I can't remember what. I did know. And, anyway, doctors couldn't really decide and were looking at my medical history. I heard doctors going through my readings and notes at reception after I'd been in about 7 days. I was put on water tablets, but none of the fluid moved from my abdomen. In the end, a sample was aspirated and sent for analysis and on day 16, I was told I had Primary Peritoneal, a variant of Ovarian. I've never had a raised CA125 at all. In fact, it's low normal. T xx


There could be all sorts of reasons for your pain, it could originate in your appendix/bowels or your uterus and ovaries. Have you discussed your fears with a doctor? A CA125 test could help, but it sounds like the pain should be investigated by a specialist. I hope you get some answers soon. Best, Vxxx



I had/have similar Pain but on left side,I went through All scan etc..But What was found was that I had Ulcers in Deodunal,small intestine--Its Called Reffered Pain (Here in USA) and Medicine prescribed me What It is working is Carafette, Omepezole 20mg OTC( non prescription now)..

I take Carafette or Generic(sucrafette) 4 times-At night take at sleep.All 1 hour Before Any food or juice coat ulcers and briuses Omeprezole in morning 1 and evening all b4 1 hour food or 2 hour after food than eat Low or NO Acidic/salt/sugar stop or reduce pain.

Alternative or Additional which is Helping me BEST is..

(1)NO SALT,NO SUGAR,NO FRUITS(some time i eat Sweet Red Apple,no acidic fruits) Highest is SALT..

(2) Take Cayenne Papper 1 teaspoon in glass of like warm water at least 3 times google it.

AND take fresh Cabbage Juice 2+ times b4 and after food both gives me very fast result.

(3) If You notice pain goes Up when You eat/drink foods, thats first sign its could be referred pain, so Only I can eat is NO SODIUM,NO SUGAR,no oil but Take coconut oil diet

(3) I can Only Eat (now vs B4) Cooked Rice,Yogurt(live cultered or Kefir) and Certainly Put Cayenne Paper As much you tolerate.. BUT NO SALT.. You can add Split peas,Vegitables..Try Red Potatoes.. You can Start Elimination diet. with some Other spices by adding and see what works..

I would Recommend B4 your GP/Hospital Visit This Cayenne,Little Ginger tea and Plain Yogurt with rice,cayenne..I Have Cayenne and cabbage(raw) in everything. Hope you feel Better..All are working for me.



I took antibiotics for mine and kept up with the pain pills. Mine felt like a round ball of heated pain for several months in my ascending colon. After chemo it went away.


I wonder if you have an abscess internally, eg related to your appendix. Hopefully it will show on the ultrasound scan. Have you had blood tests, eg full blood count and CRP or ESR as these would show if you had an infection. An abscess is a collection of pus, ie a chronic infection. I wonder if there is something wrong with your bowels, eg diverticulitis. I am a retired GP who has a variant of ovarian cancer. I doubt if it is ovarian cancer if last scan was normal. Symptoms are more like an infection of some sort. Ask for blood tests and a specialist referral (maybe gastro-intestinal).

Hope this helps. You could always go to A and E if pain is really bad.

Best wishes.



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