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Germ Cell experiences

To cut a long story short- my wife (who is 37) was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with suspected ovarian cancer.

They've told us it's "later stage" (apparently there's omentum and lymph node involvement).

She's having surgery on Monday.

My question, though, is about experiences with the "germ cell" variant of the disease.

Her age and the fact that a blood test marker called "AFP" is raised has lead her specialists (I understand she has several people, including a professor at Clatterbridge following her case) to believe that it's germ cell. Which is pretty rare.

It's also very treatable from the things I've been reading.

Anyone on here (I've done a quick search and there's not too much!) have experiences with this? What was your treatment like? How did they diagnose it?

I'm pretty stressed at the moment, as you can imagine, the burning question I have is, if the AFP levels (which are usually under 10 in a "normal" person) are so raised (her's is 180) how could it possibly be anything BUT germ cell?....


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Hi, sorry I can't give you any detail or any shared experiences as I'm a clear cell ovarian cancer lady and don't know what AFP levels are. Until the tumour is actually out and the Pathology report is back it still may be possible for this to be non cancerous. I'm sure you've researched the many sites there are and may already have found the cancer research site below which does give more detail of germ cell

It's also worth calling the OvaCome nurse tomorrow and having a chat with her. Plus you can use the search facility on this site to find previous posts related to germ cell - that MAY help with your question.

Hope your wife's surgery goes well and she can relax and recuperate with your help I'm sure. I found a great site called HysterSisters which is for ladies having hysterectomies and was a great help to me after I returned home especially being able to ask questions about pain, what was normal etc after such a major surgery. My hubby was a great help and left me propped up in bed with the to control and lots of reading material, lots of drinks and a packed lunch and fruit! Supper brought up to me every day too!

Wishing you both well


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