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Hey all! 

Had my post Chemo review today and Doc says all good! I finally had the courage to ask him about prognosis and he said it was excellent! He reckons there is less than 10% chance of recurrence and that I was very lucky to have caught it so early! I am very happy about this don't get me wrong I am under no illusions and know from all of you guys that this disease is very very unpredictable but this is about as good as it gets and for that I am truly grateful! I am posting this as a positive story that I hope will give some solace to those newly diagnosed! 

Early diagnosis is so important and I am hoping that a campaign about to be launched by the Emer Casey foundation in cooperation with other OC charities including Ovacare that aims to provide guidelines to GPS will be the start of a serious push to get OC diagnosed early for more and more women! 

On an aside and I said in my post title I had an interesting experience today I had a warm Manuka Honey head Massage! It part of a set of therapies for cancer patients called touch therapy and apparently is great for stimulating hair follicles and encouraging growth! Sarah Carty a young girl diagnosed with OC has an online blog called survival with style and she has a before and after pic of her hair having had the massage and it's pretty convincing! Have a look ladies!

Onwards and UPWARDS!!! 


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  • Hi D

    I'm going to try it out .. Thank you 

  • Great news D, I love reading your posts. They offer so much encouragement. 

    Onwards and upwards!!!

  • That's awesome 😊 xx 

  • Brilliant news! X x

  • Great news, Onwards and Upwards. Lx

  • Hi D, I have never had a Manuka honey massage but will look into it,   Congrats on you great news, you must be really happy.  Yours consultant sound reassuring and that is what you need.  Onwards and upwards from now on,   Yes I saw a message on fb tonight from MarieKeating Foundation and of course I wouldnt be me if I didnt comment.   We need awareness, we need those guidelines rolled out nationwide to gps.  We also need to educate women on symptoms.  Following my visit to ICS  last week regarding the launch of the ICOGP,on access to diagnostics,  I emailed them with a thank you and stated that to roll out services we need more doctors, oncologists and gynae oncologists and it was up to them and the ICOGP to ask the acting Minister for health for funding to provide a better service.  The gynae waiting list is the longest waiting list in the country.  This needs to be addressed and I did also say that at the launch.  I dont think it went down too well and  it rattled them because suddenly the questions and answers were cut short.  In contrast the consultants were meeting as was mentioned at the Ovacare Patient Day to see how they can cope with the expected influx of gynae referrals when the guidelines are rolled out.  We would be lost only for Ovacare and Ovacome. 

  • So pleased to hear your good news, D. Very happy for you. I'e never had a manuka head massage but I did get through two jars of it to boost my immune system during my last chemo and Avastin. Loved it to begin with as I have a very sweet tooth but gradually the teaspoonful a day really turned me off of any sort of honey and It began to seem like nasty Medicine.😝 Still don't fancy honey, nowadays but think it probably did me good. Manuka's very expensive, though!!

    Love, Solange

  • That's great news and you are so right about early diagnosis x

  • That's a wonderful result Deirdre - I am delighted for you!


  • Fantastic news D I'm so pleased for you, take care and best wishes xx

  • So happy for you D, any head massage sounds lovely, I shaved my head all the way through and the first time I went without my wig was 5 months after chemo, I'm lucky my hair has grown back thick.

    Well done, I haven't had the nerve to ask what my prognosis is, but I have a couple of checks in a week, which is why I'm in a bad mood, I may pluck up the nerve.

    May your good health continue

    Carole xxx

  • Delighted to hear your good news Dee and that you have such a good prognosis. The honey head massage sounds fascinating and I shall definitely check out the link!

    All the best to you,


  • Fantastic pleased for you. the massage sounds wonderful

    Caz x

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