Weekly taxol - helpful hints anyone ?

Hello. Well the kidney stent's settled down and seems to be working fine. I saw the doc yesterday and he asked when I wanted to start weekly taxol (we'd discussed that as an option already). I said 'tomorrow' but they can't fit me on till next Wednesday. That's probably better as it gives me time to do a few things first, but I want to get on and see whether this chemo gives me any signs of being effective as the last 3 haven't. He says if it's working (shrinkage or just stability) and side effects aren't bad I could be on it for 6 months. I'm a bit worried about neuropathy but have my cute insulated cold bag so I can ice my hands and some vitamin B6.

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  • Good luck and hope it gets it under control for you x

  • Good luck with it all

    Judy xx

  • wishing you the very best with treatment, I was on weekly taxol for 18 cycles, felt very tired around week 12ish so rest when you can, neuropathy was bearable but did limp around a bit sometimes. Take care



  • Hi,

    I had Carbo/taxol for 6 months and coped really well.There are loads of tips on neuropathy on the site to help you,I got tired and just gave into it,just treat yourself gently and you will get through,

    Wish you all the best,

    Carole xxx

  • Good luck and sending hugs, xx

  • I had weekly taxol for 18 weeks and carbo every 3rd week. The taxol was fine, the side effects were not too bad at all and I really didn't mind it at all, the carbo was a whole different story but the less said about that the better 😐. I finished my treatment December 2014, I still have a neuropathy and always will, not everybody has it long term, you may only have the symptoms during treatment, but, to be honest, whilst the neuropathy is a nuisance it doesn't really stop me, I have to keep my hands and feet warm as cold is not good for neuropathy (consultant neurologist I worked with advised keeping hands and feet warm as much as possible as the cold can actually exacerbate the long term effects of the neuropathy) and sometime it can be a pest but I'm still alive and 23 months in remission so small price to pay I think. Good luck with your treatment ❤️X

  • May I ask what stage it was...you are doing so well with remission! I have more trouble with my feet...sometimes numb and sometimes very painful soles of feet,

  • I was diagnosed very early and was 1c3. I am a very lucky girl. My hands and feet constantly have pins & needles and tingling, I get occasional shooting pains and numbness but I actually have got used to it and adapted. Good luck ❤️

  • I am on weekly Taxol again after having it 3 years ago.i have found it to be by far the kindest regime. I do not suffer any sickness and am not at all tired.the only thing I do get is the achy feet mostly at night.

    I am using the cold cap and so far I still have most of my hair. It is short which I think helps the cold get to the roots better, just my opinion.

    I finish in the middle of Jan. My ca125 is now 13 it was 1750 so it does seem to be doing its job , the scans I had 2 weeks ago say things are shrinking.

    I wish you all the best and hope it helps you and that you feel as good on it as I do xxxxxGeorgie

  • Wishing you good luck with this regime, I hope everything will go to plan, I am glad the kidney stent is working so that is a plus and one less worry for you, I imagine the whole idea of being on it a long time is daunting but if it does the job well its worth the pain, You have just reminded me I wanted to buy vit b as have a trapped nerve and physio isnt doing it so thinking vit b. All the best and do try and take it easy this weekend too

  • Why are u icing hands..im on weekly taxol. im having trouble g very painful soles on feet. jabbing pains in belly.

    I have liver damage.

  • Too try to avoid neuropathy. I have some left over from previous taxol and from later cisplatin. My feet aren't affected so much and I can't see how I'd ice them anyway. I don't know if it works but the cold cap is supposed to by slowing down blood flow so I think it's worth a try.

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