Gloomy wet day, Taxol tomorrow

HI Ladies,

I live in the blue mountains in Australia you would not believe the weather we have had, summer the hottest on record now March is turning out to be one of the wettest, it has pored for 2 weeks non stop. I've seen on TV that your side of the world has had some hard times weather wise,

Last Monday I started my 12 weekly Taxol tomorrow will be the second and now I have a cold, I"m hoping it will still go ahead. What's the old saying "what will not kill you will make you stronger" If that was true I'd be iron woman.

Sending you all my best wishes Cheers Lorraine xx

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  • Best wishes we are iron women 💪🏻

  • Good luck for tomorrow, Lorraine. Hope the rain lets up...

    PS Seems a bit odd writing 'tomorrow' because for us, that's Sunday, not Monday!

  • Thank you Yoshbosh.

    Yes the time frame is odd when I get up in the morning I usually go on the site the messages are from the night before. I like the idea that we are corresponding half way around world ,though it's a site we would prefer not be on.

    Cheers best wish Lorraine xx

  • Wishing you all the best xx

  • Thank you KMAllan

    Cheers and best wishes to you also

    Lorraine xx

  • Hope all goes well, my friend has headed out to see her new grandaughter in Auckland New Zealand at the moment, She was lying out in the sun during the week.

  • Hi Suzuki.

    Thank you nice to hear from you, As I said we have not seen the sun for 2 weeks, I have a family of kookaburra that come to be feed, poor things they were drenched, Graz my husband said he was surprised I had not made rain coats for them, ( I could not catch them, only joking) .

    Look after yourself Cheers Lorraine xx

  • Hi Lorraine

    I'm currently looking at the rain through the hospital window in Brisbane. We just had a short but tremendously loud thunderstorm. It was so humid leading up to it! (I'm very lucky that my room has a balcony).

    Good luck with your treatment... I so hope it goes ahead for you. I'm in the middle of my 5th cycle of frontline but have developed a line/port infection so this week's chemo is likely to be delayed. Life can certainly be a challenge!! I love that you have kookaburras visiting, they're my favourite.

    Take care, Kirsty xx

  • Hi Kiristy,

    The rain is easy off but also It's become very humid, sunshine end of this week hopefully as my husband is taking our grandsons camping down south,

    He loves camping I hate it give me a nice hotel.

    Had my treatment all went well I was tired when I got home went straight to bed, I did not sleep the night before my problem is I stress my self out before hand,

    feeling ok to-day.

    Sorry about the infection here's hoping it's cleared up fast and you can get back to treatment. what is the next chemo?

    Look after yourself, Lorraine xx

  • Hi Lorraine

    I'm so glad your treatment went well. Anxiety is the worst! Sleep is hard enough as it is with this disease.

    I love camping! But I also love nice hotels! There must be some beautiful spots around where you live for both.

    I'm still in hospital... has port out today which I'm a bit sad about. I mean, it has to come out but when it's working as it should it makes life a whole lot easier. I've had 11 stabs in 4 days because my port ha been out of action! Chemo was scheduled this Thursday but it's been delayed... hopefully not for too long.

    All the best my friend. It's been nice chatting xx Kirsty

  • Hi Kirsty,

    Sorry to hear you are still in hospital, can they not put a new port back in, I'm like you without the port I was having a break down every time I had to get in for chemo, the same for a blood test sometime 3 -4 goes, one time she took it out of my foot. What treatment are you on ?

    It's hard when they have to delay the treatment but hopefully you will be back in the fight soon.

    I'm sure you have asked about a new port so lets hope you can have one put back in ,it does make life a little easier as you know.

    Kirsty keep in touch I will follow your journey, sending all my best wishes Lorraine xx

  • Lorraine - letting you know I'm getting a PICC put in tomorrow. I need another 7 days IV antibiotics which Hospital in the Home can do as long as I remain well. Then hopefully the PICC can behave for the duration of my chemo (carbo/taxol). I've had 3 cannulas "tissue" during this admission and each site is hot, red and sore so PICC def the way to go. My doc wasn't keen on trying another Port.

    Just waiting for my husband to come pick me up (or should that be PICC me up). Looking forward to my own bed and cuddles with the cat.

    I hope your week is going well and the weather has evened out a bit.

    Thanks for the chat!

    Kirsty xx

  • Hi Kirsty,

    Good to hear about the PICC and also going home to the cat and the husband.

    My youngest and her daughters love cats just added a new one to the family now 3 cats.

    Keep me informed about your treatment or if you just need a chat.

    Lorraine xx

  • Spring is coming here at last. Lots of daffodils and crocuses are in bloom and the birds are singing their little hearts out. I like the sound of you feeding kookaburra. It's wonderful in the Blue Mountains although I've never been when it's raining. Hope it stops soon.

    Good luck with your weekly Taxol tomorrow.

  • Hi January,

    I hope you are not barging about the beautiful spring, we are coming into our winter.I had to the shop and get meat for my family of kookaburra this morning as I had run out .they sit on the rail and, waite the older birds I can hand feed.

    Had my treatment all went well was stress out for nothing 2 down 9 to go.

    I hope all is going well with you best wishes Lorraine xx

  • Gosh! Meat? I give my little blue tits, great tits and the like little seeds. Are kookaburra big then?

    Glad the treatment went well. On the way to mine now.

    PS. It is another beautiful Spring day. I can see lambs from the train window. Yesterday was dreadful; non-stop rain, and windy.

  • Good luck Lorraine. Yes weather here is a bit pants but hopefully will brighten up later... that's what my husband always says....

    Hope your cold goes away and you get your taxol ok.

    Netti xx

  • Hi Netti,

    Thank for your concern yes all went well stress out for noting.

    2 down 9 to go.

    Hope all is well with you best wishes Lorraine xx

  • Good luck with the Taxol Lorraine. Strangely, Perth has had (probably) our coolest summer on record. We have your kookaburras here - not native to the West. They are cheeky - will swoop to take a sausage off your plate at a picnic. Also happy to take eggs and baby birds from nests. To be honest, not my favourite birds. Can we send them back?! Hope you can continue your illustrating, must be such a gratifying pass-time. Best wishes. Pauline.

  • Hi Pauline, yes all went well, feeling good to a-day.

    Australia is very diverse country for weather. As for my Kookaburra they have better table manners then your ones, they like fine dinning no sausages or eggs, I buy check steak and cut in into strips my husband think They better feed then him, because I don't give them cold meat I warm it up first. Don't like the idea they take small birds Maybe mine are so well feed they don't need it hopefully.

    Yes I enjoying doing Abbey's book.

    How is your treatment going? hope all is well.

    Lorraine xx

  • Isn't it lovely that despite the fact we are all here because of the awful disease we've all had/have that we can have a chat over coffee (in my case), on a wet blustery Sunday/Monday morning, about the weather here in the UK, in Ireland and in Australia and no doubt other parts of the world too. It make the whole wide world seem less vast. Thank you ovacome for this opportunity.

    We have daffodils, crocuses and grape hyacinths all busy trying to stay vertical at the moment. There are newborn lambs bouncing around in the fields near us which are an absolute delight to watch. There are also frogs having an Orgy in the pond (shudder, I really don't like frogs 🐸) So spring is in full flow at the minute in the UK. I suppose the upside of the wind is that it gets rid of the leaves left in gardens from autumn but it also blows the beautiful blossoms off the cherry trees 🙁.

    Lorraine I hope your cold buggers off so you can get your taxol, I had it weekly and on the whole found it to be not too bad.

    Kirsty I really hope your port infection clears and you feel better soon and are able to continue with your treatment.

    And to all you lovely ladies on here have a happy, healthy if possible and peaceful Sunday/Monday morning.

    ❤xx Jane

  • Hi Jane, Yes I go on to the site each morning and read all the post, if I can I like to respond and the fact it's with ladies all over the world ladies I would never had come in contact with normally (But as I said before a site we would not won't to be on) but we are and it does help to to talk with ladies going through the same as yourself, I never google I always come to this site.

    Your Spring it sound wonderful, I watch a show on TV about the English country side, before that always when you think of UK you think of London, If we were to go to the UK I love to travel the country side.

    Had my Taxol all went well, 2 down 9 to go, I hope it worked at alright for you.

    Look after yourself and enjoy Spring.

    Lorraine xx

  • Jane- I agree its an added treat to be connected to such lovely ladies on all continents. I am in the U.S. San Francisco to be exact. I can see the Golden Gate Bridge from my living room. 🌁🌉.

    We are due lots of rain this week, looks like it will start very soon. The region here had been in a severe 10 year drought and right about the time of my diagnosis last Oct, it has been almost nothing but rain and flooding. Drought over as all the reservoirs are full. Hopefully I will finish treatment soon and the sun will come out!

    Have a lovely Sunday or Monday. I also catch up here in my mornings which is about 8 hours earlier then England.


    Anne 🌧☔️🌈☀️🦋🌸🌲

  • Hi Anne,

    I've been to S.U many years ago with the company I worked for. My husband know U.S well he lived in there for 20 years before coming home.

    I know about San Francisco ,the Golden Gate we Get a lot of American show more then Australian show on TV here.

    Ten years is a long time for drought now flooding, Australia is a big country and and a dry country, most is in drought but like your side of the world we are now have flooding in areas that normally in drought.

    sending my best wish to you and hope for sunshine soon.. Lorraine xx

  • Hi ladies, like Spencer I hail from the US but on the opposite coast in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. Lorraine, best of luck on your Taxol. You have probably already received your treatment and are all snuggles in bed by now or up and having tea. I do get confused at time differences. I, too, get a kick out of speaking to all of you from all over the world. I learn so much I didn't know about your home countries.

    Lorraine, when you mentioned kookaburras, my mind suddenly went to the song I learned in Elementary school. 🎶Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he... 🎶 and Waltzing Matilda, too. For the life of me I have never figured out why American schoolchildren were taught songs about Australia! But I loved them and still do. Now I can't get them out of my head! 😁

  • Hi Mommoo65,

    Yes treatment went well I did come home and went straight to bed sleept all after noon and in to the night, I think I just stress myself out the night before and did not sleep at all. Charleston sound beautiful are you right on the coast line ?

    Yes it is nice to be talking to ladies all around the world, I know we are on this site for a reason and the help and encouragement is the main reason we are on here, but some time it nice to just forget about that reason and have a chat.

    It does seen strange you were taught Australia song but Australia have always had a connection to U.S.

    I'm sending you mine very best wish and hope all is well with you ..Lorraine xx

  • Hi Lorraine!

    I have always been fascinated by Australia and enjoy learning all I can about your home. I live 3 miles from the Atlantic at present. I got to fulfil a lifelong wish to be a beach bum when I once rented a tiny beach shack for 3 years just 2 blocks from the beach. I was 56 years old and loved every minute of it. I had to leave when the fire Dept condemned the property. It WAS old and rickety and tilted.

    Charleston is lovely. Every once in a while I play tourist in my own town and just explore.

    I hope you are feeling better! Stay hydrated and eat even you don't want to. Big hugs, Jill

  • Good luck with your treatment. It is fascinating to read about the Blue Mountains and amazing to think that you have kookaburras in your garden-I am sitting here watching house sparrows and chaffinches. Technology is amazing!

  • Hi Neona Had my treatment all went well stress out for nothing ,2 down 9 to go will have to try and not stress at the night before easier said then done.

    It is lovely here in the mountains Fires can be our biggest problem but we were lucky this summer it was the hottest on record and we got through it with only a few small fires.

    I love my family of Kookaburras,they are very territorial and stay in the same area so when they have a new family it grows some times I'm feeding about 6 kookaburra it can get expensive mine are fine dinners, my Husband said it my fault that they only eat the best.

    Plus I also feed the beautiful mountains birds we have quite a verity,my daughter said as long as I don't become the bird woman of the mountain and she see me walking down the street with birds on my shoulder.

    Well I've been on the computer for a while this morning Husband is waiting for his lunch so I'll wish you all the best and hope all is going well for you ...Lorraine xx

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