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I feel very sad and down today, the news of Annie death was hard to hear, I kept hoping for a miracle. Sometimes you come across people in life who you admire and Annie was certainly one of those people. I know Annie wouldn't want any of us to be down she would want us all to keep fighting so fight on we will, for Annie and all the other brave and wonderful women who have gone before with this hateful disease and all those ladies who will regrettably follow our path. I feel so sad for Annie's family at this time but hopefully they can take some comfort from the high esteem Annie was held in here on this forum, all the ladies she supported here with her words of wisdom and support, ladies who never met Annie, as I didnt, but who today will feel like they have lost a good friend.

Up your's Cancer, you think your winning but you're not. We wont let you, we will beat you! xx Kathy

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  • I am fairly new to the site and it's only now I've realised what an amazing person she was who made things happen. I just googled her! Much respect. Great words, Kathy - let's kick ass with this thing!

  • You're right, she was amazing, her legacy will, I am sure live on xx

  • Dear Kathy

    thank you for your post I think you have managed to put your heartfelt words and thoughts for us all.

    A very sad day.


  • Kathy I'm the same it has really knocked me for six. I did have the pleasure of meeting Annie and she was a wonderful woman. Full of life. We had some craic right from the first day we met. A real constant on this site too. We may not have all met in person but special connections have been made on here and deepest thoughts shared. It's a real comfort in time of need and Annie like yourself really contributed to this and the support is a lifeline for many.

    I've also heard of a young girl in her early 30's that is coming to the end of her life. Very young family and similar case to a friend that passed away last year. I'm trying to get my head lifted but also allowing myself to let the tears flow.

    This site is a blessing for us all. Much love xo

  • Early 30's, soooooo not fair. I have lost cousins at a young age to this dreadful disease and it just does not seem fair. Eventually, after the tears have dried we will fight on as Annie would have wanted us to. xx Kathy

  • You express so well what we must all be feeling. Like you, I never met Annie but also feel like I've lost a friend. She was so helpful to me when I was struggling to get a drug I felt would help me. I managed to get it and and it did. She was a truly extraordinary woman who did so much for all of us and all who will follow and we are the richer for having her in our lives, even if that was only through this forum. May she rest in peace. Beth X

  • I wish there was a 'wholeheartedly agree' button. 'Like' seems facile and somehow wrong for our shared sadness. I too continue to be very heavy hearted at Annie passing Kathy.

    What an amazing woman to be able to communicate so well on a poltical and corporate level but personally touch so many hearts. X x

  • Think we are all feeling shocked at this sad news.

  • It's so incredibly sad and unfair. She was amazing, and I am sure you must feel as if you've lost a dear friend. Sending you and everyone who cared for her a big hug.

    Kerry xxx

  • Me too, very shocked and upset. Seems to have been so fast in the end. There will be a big hole on this site. Nicola

  • lovely post Kathy. xxx

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