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Hello again!

what do I do when my treatment ends? can I celebrate the fact that I reach ned space or do I have to live in fear that I will die sometime because of it or fear the recurrebce. My doctor said that I am incurable but it also may be that you can be completely heal and still never recurrence. I am so confused and even angry.

Can I be happy woman and think that I am going to make many years to come when treatments over or have to I fear that cancer may coming back..?


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  • Yep! You certainly should celebrate 😊 I'be been celebrating since Thursday when I got my 'NED' and I'a trying hard not to think about the 'what if...'

    My Gynae was aiming to 'cure, not just treat' and my onc was sure it was 'treatable, but not sure it was curable.' I'm going with my gynae on this one...

  • Daniella, that's a hard one . But it's down to you and your attitude . I'm sure we all fear that it will come back.

    My thoughts are get on with your life as we don't know what's round the corner enjoy life while you can, no use worrying about what will be.

    I've had a great out come NED and am just starting to get my life back on track . What the future holds no one knows, so for now I'm enjoying living a near to normal life.

    Hope I've helped you xxx

  • I was diagnosed in 2010 as incurable and I'm still here and have had no recurrence, so never give up. So live your life happily, be positive, no one knows what's in front of them. Live life to the full. Wishing you many happy years ahead xxx Ann

  • Wow, thank you,best wishes ❤

  • Without sounding flippant.... We are all going to die sometime of something!!

    Get out their and celebrate. It may or may not come back and if it does you'll deal with it. You'll have good days and bad ones, try to take them in your stride. Don't let yesterdays bad day encroach on todays sunshine. Life is for living and I celebrate everyday, hail, rain or shine :-)

    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”

    Best wishes


  • Thanks! That was sweet writing ❤

  • Hi luv,

    You go out and enjoy yourself! In the 19 months I have been NED,I have done up 3 houses,been on 4 foreign holidays,seen my daughter married on a beach and look after my 2 year old grandson 2 days a week and tomorow Im off to Lanzerote.

    Yes,I do worry,we all do,the last 4 months I have been worrying about my routine scan at the end of October and have decided to go away to forget it.

    You have come through,be proud of yourself,it is a rocky ride,but be safe in the knowledge we are all on the same ride with you,

    Lots of love

    Carole xxx

  • Thanks C ❤

    Means a lot !

  • I'm off to Lanzarote a week tomorrow, Carole! So looking forward to a spot of sunshine ☀️

  • Have good times there 😍🌏

  • Sounds like Lanzarote is the 'go to' place, I go on 3rd Nov and I can't wait... I need a new handbag so first trip will be to Teguise market ;-)

    Hope you both have a fantastic time, I know I will :-)

  • Hi love,

    Hope you too have a great time,we all deserve it

    Carole xxx

  • Certainly seems like a plethora of us ladies Lanzerote bound! You go the day I come back!

    Gleedy is there at the moment,which part are you going to yoshbosh? I will be in Costa Teguise.

    I hope you have a great time, it's low 80s at the moment xx

  • We're also going to Costa Teguise! Staying all inclusive so I can just take my brain out and not have to think about where my next meal is coming from 😄 Most importantly there's a mini disco so the 4 year old is sorted, whilst the 8 year old is looking forward to eating her body weight in ice cream!

  • Costa Teguise for me too. We should have planned this better we could have all met up :-)

    Have you seen the chap on the beach who balances rocks? amazing to watch him :-)

  • We so should have organised this better,we Definately could all met up, with lost for words too,

    You have a lovely time,if the kids are happy, you will be happy,

    Take care

    Carole xxx

  • When you finish treatment you will miss the routine of going for treatment, you may feel a bit lost and alone. This is the time you go and speak to Macmillan Nurses or a Cancer Support Group or a counsellor. It can be hard cutting loose from habit of chemo so be kind to yourself. You have to recover your strength so that takes a little time. Plan a nice trip away like some of the ladies have done here or even a weekend away. You will need to recharge your batteries. As for the future, we can get knocked down by a bus or car, no one knows. My gp told me stand in by the wall and mind the buses. Stats are out of date and really we just have to live our life as best we can and not worry about the future or the endless possibilities. Our thoughts are just words and not facts. Wishing you the very best

  • Thanks! Maybe some trip could help. That help me a lot❤

    Best wishes to you.

  • Yes, you can be a happy woman. It's so important for your well-being. Enjoy the moment of NED for it will feel so wonderful. You will have no disease!

    If it comes back, it comes back, but you must enjoy every moment of every day as only those of us who've faced this diagnosis really know how.

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