Hi guys I start my chemo on Tuesday feeling a little nervous now. I'm have carbo and taxol. They trying to get me avastin as well but apparently for the type of cancer I have the NHS don't fund for it,. That annoys me coz they have said it's the only one that I may benefit from, there not holding out much hope for chemo to work :( does anyone have any tips for me? Thanx in advance xx

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  • What criteria or cancer do you have to gave to get this drug. My oncologist said last year hex was going to put me in for it but I didn't get it. Not told just didn't get ut!!

  • I don't know it seems stupid if you need it but hey x

  • Your consultant can apply for independent funding for avastin. Although NICE recommends only for first line treatment, it is available on an individual application. That would be a lot of chemicals in one go to have all three. Good luck Tuesday.

    LA xx

  • Thank you for letting me know that 😁Xx

  • Don't give up and don't look at stat's, you are not a stat you are a person. Stand up for yourself. Ask your oncologist about the avastin, if that is what you need. It's your life, your body, we have to try to preserve what we have.

    Best wishes


  • I agree ask your Oncologist to look for Avastin for you, I know it is not made available in some parts of the UK but do speak up, it wont do any harm and may do some good. Maybe ask can you have it after the chemo has finished, that may be an option open to you. Before you start treatment remember, everyone is different, what didnt work for others could work for you, it depends on the individual. Dont panic its your first chemo and there are other options out there as well. If your oncologist is being blunt no harm in getting a second opinion or ring the Ovacome Nurse on here on Monday for advice. I wish you the best for your first treatment

  • Not sure whether you'd be eligible, but a friend of mine with OV got on a trial with Avastin - worth asking about trials you may be eligible for. You can also ring Cancer Research UK and ask them for information about potential trials for your diagnosis - so that you've got info before you see your consultant onc. Wishing you the very very best of luck with this xxxxx Sundra

  • I had my third go of Taxol and carbo today. I should have had Avestin as well but my blood pressure has rocketed after one dose. It should resume next time if the BP tablets work. I had a really nice day, chatting to other patients, watching a DVD on my mini-player, reading a book and sleeping. It took six hours but was a good experience, oddly.

  • I've had three cycles of Chemo and two of avastin. I recently had a scan which showed I am very chemo sensitive. So the chemo for me is doing a great job. I have the same two chemos as you.

    They worked really well for me and they will for you too. Good luck. Xxx

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