Feeling scared

Hi guys I've wrote a fe posts but just really need to talk, so thought I would put it on here. I had my hysterectomy op and plasma jet on my diaphragm 2 weeks ago. When I was in there the doctors told me that my cancer had spread to my stomach, bladder and bowel. They also sound they couldn't get it all out because I was under so long and there would of been complications 😭.theyve said that the only way I can beat this now is if the chemo works and it's scaring the hell out of me. I'm trying so hard to be strong but everyday it's getting to me a little bit more. I don't really have a question for u but just needed to write my feelings down

Thanks leianne

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  • Hi Leianne. Just wanted to send you a big hug. Do keep us updated. We are here for you whever you need to talk xx Kathy xx

  • Hi Leianne!

    Sorry to hear you are feeling so anxious! I have no advice but I wish you the very best and hope that once you have started your Chemo you will feel a bit less anxious I know that sounds odd but when you have a plan and start it, it does get easier.

    All the best!


  • Hi Leianne,

    I can understand your fear and feel for you.

    But you know chemo is a powerful drug and it will get to the last bits that are left in there, that's why they give it after the op to mop it up.

    So try to be positive and think this drug will get it.

    wishing you well xx

  • Hi Leianne,

    Sending you a big hug ((X)) The only advice I can

    Give is to think positive and tell yourself the chemo

    Will work for me. As mentioned chemo is very

    Powerful and that's why we are given it. Thinking

    positive is the only way I get myself through life's

    challenges and usually it's works, so my fingers

    Are crossed for you

    Keep on posting Leianne, we are here for you.



  • OC is awful and scares the life out of you especially if you google ... Everyone of us is different with our own unique journey .. What we have in common is we fight we stay strong and we face it ... We have wobbles some days my legs won't even support me lol...I get so frustrated when I can't be normal the chemo knocks us for six physically and emotionally but it's a strong drug designed to kill the little blighters helping us to live on and fight the good fight ... Sending you big hugs xx

  • Hi Leianne,

    Did your surgeon say how big the bits were that were left behind? The reason I ask is that in my operation, the surgeon safely removed all the big bits of tumour, but left behind tiny bits of disease which he described as nodularity or grittiness. These were on the surface of my bladder and in the peritoneum. He explained that chemo is best placed to deal with those kinds of bits. Just wondered if you might be in the same situation, and if that explanation helps at all?

    Yosh xxx

  • Hi he did yer there only millimetres, it's the reason it was detected on scans. He says there to small to show up. My surgeon is just worried because of the rate it was growing and he's worried it will grow next to the chemo but we will see. I'm a little more positive with wot u are saying :) thank you x

  • Sounds very similar to my situation, but neither the surgeon nor my oncologist have been concerned by it. As far as they are concerned, the post-surgery chemo should have mopped those bits up. If they aren't worried, I'm trying not to worry! The proof of it all will be tomorrow when I get my end of chemo scan results...

  • The lovely ladies on here always give the lift you need when it's hard to talk to anyone else about it. Best wishes to you x

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