Feeling scared

I have had a chat with one of the doctors on the Pleural team and I am having some fluid taken off the left side so see if that is also Chyle or serous.

The doctor has confirmed everything that I have read over the weekend. Its rare, it’s difficult to manage, it can lead to malnutrition and immunodeficiency. At the moment we are going to explore all the options and try to identify the source and cause of the leak.

At the moment the suspicion is that it’s a complication of the cancer blocking the duct and it’s sprung a leak. They think at the moment because I am well and it’s not filling up fast it’s a slow leak that I could have had for a while.

They don’t think it’s the portacath as it’s on the wrong side. The thoracic duct empties into the vein on the left. I might have to go on a special diet, I am being referred to see is surgical or radiological interventions are possible.

My head is spinning

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  • Well done for taking as much control as you can....is any more chemo to control the pressure a real option? If so I would guess the leak could heal. Sounds as if they are on the ball anyway and looking at all options....that's what you want I guess...a special diet may ensure you get the nutrition you need which will have to help. Let us know as soon as you can...Chris xxx

  • At the moment they are talking management not healing. I won’t know about the chemo side of things until I next see my oncologist I am at a different hospital today

  • Sending you a big hug. Every time something new happens it throws our feeling of control into a spiral so not surprised you’re so worried. The upside is they know what it is and worse case scenario doesn’t mean that’s how it will be

    Thinking of you

    LA xx

  • Hi glad they are onto it now for you and exploring everything sounds like you are in good hands.

  • The good news is the fluid on the left side is straw coloured as you would expect it to be so that suggests any potential leak is likely to be on the right. I feel a little bit relieved

  • Sounds like you are in good hands...they have a plan and are exploring all options. It's scary but hopefully manageable. Sending you best of luck and a virtual hug 🤗 xx

  • I think I just had this split second of panic

  • Hi - a day at a time, these things are sent to try us. This journey we're on is a progression of trial and error the key is your positivity, seeking answers and not accepting the status quo. I keep saying at each hurdle I have to jump 'this too will pass'.

    Take care xx


  • Hi , It is understandable with each new pain or new side effects we feel the worst is happening,

    I have pain in my neck and shoulders it keeps me up some nights I was worried it was the cancer went to my GP and had a xray it's arthritis I can live with that.

    Your team seems to be on top of this of hope all goes well ..Take care Lorraine xx

  • Yes i am pleased they have a plan to sort it all out. Very logical conclusion.

  • Thinking of you. Don't know anything about this but have realised that one thing leads to another. At least they know what it is and can make a plan. Please keep us posted on your progress.

  • I'm sending you a virtual hug too. I hope the fear goes. Great news that the other side is 'normal'. Sending you zen-wishes, - Nicola x

  • Well normal is maybe not quite right as there shouldn’t be fluid there but I know what you mean

  • So sorry you're having this worry. I'm not surprised you're feeling scared. I hope you can be sorted out quickly. It sounds very complicated and confusing.

    Thinking of you, love, Solange 😊 Xx

  • I am not sure it can be sorted out quickly but I am ok though

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