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Mad because I have been trying to get doctors to listen to me for over 2 years and now in the last 2 weeks I have been given some answers but now we have lost valuable treatment time. Has anyone had cirrhosis of the liver, uterine cancer and melanoma of the vagina all at the same time? I have a liver biopsy on the 12th, and removal of the melanomas on the 25th and at this point a radical hysterectomy early December. The new doctor said that we are down to 9 months according to how fast the scans have changed.

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I am sorry that this has happened to you

I am unable to help as I do not know anyone in your situation.Do you have ovarian cancer as well as this is the site for that?

Is the melanoma the primary and this has escalated? You should ask your oncologist to explain all this to you and your options for chemotherapy.

Take care xx


Nancyrene, You have my heartfelt sympathy for the delay in your diagnosis. This is very common regarding Ovarian Cancer. It's also common for other diseases as well. I don't have experience with your particular diagnosis, but I am well acquainted with the limitations of modern Western medical diagnosis. Best to you, Tesla


I would wonder where the primary cancer is, and go for help on that site if there is one.. This is a site for Ovarian Cancer only and we would have no experience with the blow you have been dealt with at the moment. Perhaps google Healthunlocked again to see if you can locate a site that can help you, Perhaps speak to your team and see if there is a Macmillan Centre in your hospital or nearby. This perhaps might be your best option. Wishing you well with your treatment

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I am so sorry for your diagnosis. I don't have experience with what you describe, but I wish you the very best with your treatment. JudyV


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