Stomach Ache

2 months ago I went to bed and fad a stomach ache it was right at the top of my stomach just under my boobs. It lasted until 5am I took some paracetamol nothing worked didn't think much of it I thought it was maybe some food that didn't like me.

Last night I had it again same as before . In the early hours of the morning g j googled anatomy to see what organs were where!! it appears it's my liver area right at the top. I don't feel sick no sweats no yellow skin. No pains in my shoulder ( yep I've looked up liver cancer!! ) and it goes and I feel fine next day . Only happened twice so we are wondering whether it's related to what I maybe ate? I don't have any diarrhea or constipation at the time. Weird one. I'm not having chemo my white cells are too low and he's given me Christmas off. Nothing had showed on last scan. What do you think? xxx

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  • Might it be indigestion/acid reflux? I really suffered in my last two rounds of chemo - thought I was going to pass out from the pain, but was fine by morning.

  • Thank you I will try Gaviscon next time. in the middle of the night all sorts goes through the mind . THANK YOU X

  • I thought I was having a heart attack! Why do these things always come on late at night and then when you feel better in the morning, you almost can't believe how bad you felt. I was also given omeprazole (mentioned below) and it helped enormously. Speak to your team to check what they think it could be xx

  • I am seeing my GP Friday not seeing Oncologist till January. Will tell GP. Thank you everyone I do feel a lot less frightened. x

  • Hi Ricky, it's good that you're able to discuss this with your GP.

    I have had a few (at night) extreme abdominal pains. The first was during chemo and when I called the helpline they advised Buscopan.

    I had a period of getting these last year and discussed with my team. A thorough USS led to the conclusion they were likely caused by adhesions from the surgery and causing bowel spasms.

    One thing I would say is, if you're ever concerned, do call your CNS rather than feel you have to wait for the next appointment. Mine was able to give reassurance and clear advice as to what I might do and when to call back. As you say, it's impossible not to think of cancer especially when dealing with pain in the middle of the night... but speaking with my nurse meant that some fears were allayed


  • I have a hernia and that's exactly where it sits. I also had to take medication to recent an ulcer as the chemo was giving me issues. The tablet they gave me made a big difference. Onpromozole or something like that. Sorry can't remember the exact name xo

  • Hi Ricky, I am sorry to hear you having this problem.

    I went to hospital Friday evening with a pain in the same place as you. The Dr asked what I thought was strange questions but after reading your blog I realise he was thinking down the lines of liver cancer. They came up with IBS or reflex & sent me home.

    If we were not suffering with cancer I am sure we would not be as concern as we are. I can't wait for January to come have a ca 125 test just to know where I stand.

    Let's hope your white cells recover so you can start having chemo soon. Take care Cindyxx

  • This has made me feel much better less panicky. It's hard not to automatically think cancer and when I realised the pain was in liver area I panicked like mad . But it's only the 2nd time I've had this pain ...last time 2 monhs ago and never in the day?? I will mention it.

    Hope to restart my Chemo January well that's the plan

    is has decided to call it a day but they changed my mind twice!!

    I want more time but not at a huge cost of no quality.

  • The tablet is Omeprozol, taken once a day, helps with indigestion and acid reflux xx

  • I have never been given anything like that but will mention it I have some Gaviscon at the ready !!

  • on prescription?

  • Yes on prescription, I was first given it at the hospital, then on repeat prescriptions from GP xx

  • Maybe you have a hiatus hernia, pain being g brought on by whatever you've eaten. Try keeping a food diary. Ann

  • Hi Ricky23, I know just how you feel, I had ridiculous heartburn and indigestion when I was on chemotherapy. Once the chemotherapy stopped so did the indigestion.

    I have cysts on my liver (seems I'm a cysty lady) so any pain I may get around there I've imagined myself with goodness knows what going on. Unfortunately as we are cancer patients we have incredible imaginations and the slightest twinge equals metastatic something or other? It's not always the case, try to be positive, as your scan was clear, that's good news so try to take comfort from it and enjoy Christmas chemo free.

    Try to avoid googling symptoms, you can read so much into small things and then imagination takes over.

    Sending big hugs and lots of love ❤️Xx Jane 🎄

  • Thank you so much. At silly o clock in the early hours it's made go ogling but I bet most of us do it!! I will tell my GP Friday. But in my head I'm thinking it's happened twice once 2 months ago the 2nd Saturday night. So if it was serious it would be a constant thing and not just through the night! That's how my mind works ha ha!!!!

    I have lots of secondary lymph nodes so I'm always on high alert its sad we live like this it's finding a way of coping I guess.

    Take care 🌲🌲🌲🌲xx

  • The night time thoughts are not good are they? Everything is much worse and bigger in the dark hours and imagination is at an extreme. Let us know how you get on on Friday, will be thinking about you ❤️Xx🎄

  • Hi,I have been on Omaprezole,before my op and after as I was vomiting acid (sorry) after op and couldn't eat until they kicked in,then I was ravenous.

    I still am,but I limit myself,not every day,still suffer from pain,but peppermint tea may help also as I drink that.

    But my advice is, if at all concerned discuss it with the experts,hope that helps,

    Carole xx

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