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Hi everyone, was at the clinic having Chemo and ran into a lady having Keytruda. It isn't approved for ovarian cancer here so she has to pay for her infusions. So everyone of them, she is paying over $4000.00 per treatment. This will cost her over $25,000. I am annoyed that anything that could be helpful can cost so much. She has nothing left to try and this could be her last chance. I would be most interested to know if anyone else is trying this or what benefits have been shown. I hope she isn't wasting her money.

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I haven't heard about this .. Do you have any further info? It's v expensive but if it works then why not? Lx


Yes if it works we can all wait and watch and hope for the future. Hopefully more people will have access to this drug and post of their progress.


Hi there ! I am on an Immunotherapy , Phase 2 trial in London .

It is Keytruda , also known as Pembrolizumab .

I am sure it is part of a trial in America based at the Dana Farber Boston ? ) ...and worth researching ... as for wasting her money , the drug is in its infancy with Ovarian , but has been used with some success with other cancers ,melanoma , head/ neck /lung ....

Wish us all luck and science !


Hi Angeladale, I am in Australia. I have known it to be used here for other cancers but I am hopeful that it will work for us. Please keep us updated on your progress thanks for replying. It gives me hope for the future. Sharon


Great Angela. You give us all hope. I had never heard of it until now. Take care



Hi there

I gather this is a very new immunotherapy drug that's mainly used for lung cancer and melanoma. It is very expensive so perhaps if you choose to use it for other cancers the cost may well lie with the oatient.


Sorry. My reply went too soon. As you live in the U.S. I guess new drugs will always be first there. Are there clinical trials ? It would be great if it was proven to work for OC.


There are trials in the pipeline I have been told that are currently being developed. I have today had a drain and got asked to take part in a trial where they took my Acetis away to the labs to help in the development of immunotherapy drugs, so watch this space X

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