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Hi All,

Mum is on her 3rd line treatment at the moment and we are not 100% sure if she is still responding as her levels have increased slightly each week.

Mum has had Carboplatin / Taxol for first line - this seemed to work well the first time and she ended up NED.

After a 6 month relapse they put her on Carboplatin / Caelyx for 2nd line - she didnt respond to this at all so was stopped

She is now on weekly taxol and there were improvements to her CA125 initially but now it is creeping again. It has gone from 178 down to 77 then to 66 then to 161 now it is 186. Mum feels well in herself but not sure if it is starting to not respond. They have said worst case they will stop it and look at other options but they are limited.

Please can you let me know if any of you have had simiular experience with response of these treatments and if there are any others you've been given outside of this that have worked for you? I want to have lots up my sleeve I can ask the Onc about.

Our Onc and CNS tend to be pretty negative, however others can be so positive and reading on here I hear lots of great stories.

Please let me know any good treatment options that you've found useful so I can start researching or inquiring about them.

Two of my friends mums are on tablet form of chemotherapy, not sure what these are or how effective.

Thank you.

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Hi, these are the treatments I've had

1st line Carbo/Taxol/Avastin (had to stop Avastin after 9 due to SE's and recurrence)

2nd line Gemcitabine/Carbo

3rd line Caelyx (didn't work for me so switched to Topotecan)

4th line Topotecan

5th line 'Dose dense' Carboplatin/Paclitaxel (lower dose given weekly over 4 weeks)

I'm also taking Anastrozole (estrogen blocker).

Hope it helps



That's really useful information thank you!

Sounds quite similar to mum and the Gemcitabine is one they haven't mentioned so will ask our CSN/Onc about these.

Thank you very much - are you currently on treatment at the moment?


No finished a couple of months ago and so far so good :-) latest scan results were good so we're hoping for a longer remission this time. Taking it one day at a time but I haven't felt this good in years and feeling really positive.

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Amazing so happy for you and so pleased :)


HI Be-Positive, I think you have been given very good information above and I cant really add anything to it, except there is also an Ovacome Nurse you can ring and perhaps there is a Macmillan Centre for support near you. Sending you warm wishes


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