Olaparib still working

Olaparib still working

Well back from our hol to Las Vegas, back to scan results which are still showing NED.. boy, what a relief. Hope you are all doing ok. I'll go through posts and catch up with you all. Thought you might like to see a pic from my holiday, Im only sharing it because I actually have a photo that makes me look good. Having said that I did have a gentleman say to me in a Casino 'you are a very beautiful woman' to which I thanked him but wanted to say 'you obviously haven't been to specsavers lately' but him being American I didn't think he'd get the joke. Anyway, I told my husband what he'd said and he replied 'was he drunk?' before he realised how that sounded lol! I got a nice apology lol. Take care all, much love Kathy xx

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  • I love your posts Kathy. What a beautiful picture.  You really do live your life and it's great to see.  A real inspiration.   Looks like  I'm on the actual drug on the trial as my liver function is elevated so praying that stabilises and I get a long break on this drug.   Keep smiling and inspiring ❤️ Xo

  • Thanks Julie. I'm so pleased to hear you are on the actual drug, hope you get a long remission! thanks for your kind comment about my pic, good job I haven't posted a selfie of me at the moment lol itd be enough to make small children run screaming ! xx

  • This made me laugh.  Sorry I'm so like you but make up works wonders. It's a don't leave home without item for me 😃 Xo

  • I pop to the shops for milk I have to shower, do my hair and put my make up on! lol

  • Ditto !  In the interest of the general public I do the same lol 

  • So pleased for you.. i widh i had got on that trial...

    Can i ask you who you got insurance with

  • Hi . I have insurance through my bank account but go without cover for the cancer, always have. x

  • Thank you.. so pleased for you

  • That's a beautiful picture Kathy. You look amazing. So glad the trial is going well and you are NED. xxx Trish

  • Good news and embrace the compliments xx

  • Fab picture, glad you've had good news to xx

  • What a great news enjoy it ☺️ 

  • That is very promising news you must be so happy to be on the trial drug. It gives some of us on here a lot of hope,   Long may it last, your photo is just fab, we must do what we like in order to keep going,

  • Kathy and Julie - you've both brought a big smile to my face this morning. Am really pleased to hear your news. Also had a giggle and totally relate to the make up scenario! X x

  • Lovely post to read this morning, so pleased for you

    As I'm currently hairless, eyebrow less and without eyelashes, I'm slapping on the war paint before work at school because otherwise I'm giving a good impression of one of Maunch 'The Scream' models! Wrong artist name sorry but I guess you know what I mean! 


  • Hi, lovely photo and so pleased for you that the drug is working, long may it continue. X

  • Thanks,hope you are doing ok x

  • Hi Kathy ,so glad you had a nice holiday away.The photo is beautiful.My husband would have given the same response as your husband ha ha xx

  • Beautiful photo and so glad you had a great time. Fantastic news on the trial! x

  • Brilliant news - just keep on going on going on! Xx

  • You are beautiful. So glad Olaparib is working for you. I wish I could get access to it. Jo x

  • Thanks Jo - not sure about the beautiful part, first thing in the morning is SCARY!.  Can you not get onto a trial for Olaparib?  Kathy xx

  • Oh Kathy your post did

    made me smile (as your posts usually do!) So glad you are well and enjoying life, and you are beautiful! Brenda xx

  • Another one who needs a trip to Specsavers lol. Hope you are doing ok xx Kathy

  • I've only just seen this Kathy. You look fabulous! Delighted things are going well. There's nothing like good news to inspire and keep us positive.

    Much love Debs xx

  • Thanks Debs, Hope your recovery is going well xx

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