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I would like to hear from anyone who has received chemotherapy in a Midlands based centre. Particularly the Queen Elizabeth hospital or the City hospital in Birmingham. I have had my confidence knocked after a bad experience with my local hospital and desperately looking to find somewhere I feel more confidence. I am not looking for any names, just general information and appreciate this is your own personal view point, however I would very much appreciate any feedback both good and bad. Thank you.

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  • City Hospital Nottingham, a very good team headed up by an amazing oncologist. He also has a private practice called Nottingham Oncology at The local BMI for personalised treatments. Google and see for yourself. Hope this helps. If you would like more info please ask. Bx

  • Hi Barbara, thank you for your message. I've taken a look and it does look very impressive, however I think it's a little too far away from where I'm based.

    Many thanks though.

  • Hi Wendy I had chemotherapy and am still being treated at City hospital Birmingham. I find all the doctors and staff very friendly and caring.

  • Hi, thank you for your message, very much appreciated and useful.

  • I underwent debulking at City Hospital in Birmingham and could not fault the treatment and care I received. I had follow up chemotherapy at Heartlands my "local" hospital - only a 20 mile trip! However, the standard of care was good and the CNS service excellent. I hope you find somewhere you feel more confident and your treatment is a success.

  • Thank you Becky for your reply and kind words. Very much appreciated. I hope things have gone/are going well for you too x

  • Hi and like Becky I also had debulking at City and all my chemo etc at Heartlands - couldn't fault either hospital; have a very proactive oncologist and the CNS at Heartlands is amazing! Hope this helps!

    Seems plenty of us in the Midlands - is there a group going? ? Xxx

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. It's amazing how knowledgable you all sound using acronyms and abbreviations. Guess I'm still a newby and will work out what it all means soon enough. I'm guessing CNS is something like cancer ? suite? And debulking is hysterectomy maybe??

  • So sorry Wendy - I've been on this merry go round for 3 years now so the phrases become second nature unfortunately! CNS means clinical nurse specialist - she's always on hand in the clinics and works closely with the team. We all have her number and can ring her for any advice!

    Debulking is just the posh name for the surgery most of us have at the beginning - removal of all our female tackle and the omen tum which is a lining around our bits (I think )!!!


  • Hi Wendy

    I had debulking surgery at New Cross in Wolverhampton and chemo at the Lingen Davies centre in Shrewsbury-both were fabulous-I couldn't ask for more. I am so grateful to all my doctors and nurses. Even the ancilliary staff at New Cross were lovely. I still remember the lady who brought the meals round. She had a chat with every patient and always made me smile, even on Christmas Day!

    Lou xxxx

  • Hi Wendy. I had chemo at QE and they were lovely there. I have heard that City and Heartlands are good too. Hope all goes well there does appear to be a few of us in the Midlands are they any groups or we could start one?? Xx

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