Each and everyone on this site is an inspiration to me! From the mummies to the nannies, the singletons to the anonymous and of course the politicians (Debs!!!!). Since I started on this journey there was one story that really has had an incredible impact on me personally. I don't know this girl personally but I have mentioned her previously as she has a fantastic blog with amazing tips on make up and skincare!

She is 24 years old and has just started 2 line chemo for stage 4 OC!!! I Have put a link below to her latest blog as I really think she is really grabbing her life by the scruff of the neck and I for one am truly in awe of her! Have a look lovely ladies!!!!!!


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  • Thanks for this link - she writes amazingly and combines being positive and being honest. All posts worth reading - she puts into easy words what we all feel but sometimes find hard to say.

  • In awe!!x

  • Thanks for posting. Amazing girl !


  • How fabulous she is!xx

  • Thanks for sharing this and so many other interesting and heartwarming links D. You're pretty inspirational yourself as it goes!


  • Thanks for the link. Yes we are all inspirational and we shouldnt forget the partners either. We just take what is thrown at us and we are all unique in our own way. I hope that break is Healing because you never complain about it. I have also found a hobby while off treatment, getting treated for sciatic pain. I have a trapped nerve, not sure if it is tied up with the piece of ovary that is left. Gynae was afraid to remove because it is stuck behind an artery and attached to sciatic nerve. So I am being pulled in all directions by traction and then physio. I knew I would find something to keep me occupied. Before that a few years back it was an arthoscopy in my shoulder. My elderly dog has decided she isnt going anywhere yet, she has bad days when I think I have to make that decision and then she perks up. Must go read that link now all the best to everyone

  • Hey Joan!

    That sciatic pain is not pleasant so I hope you are getting through that ok! My arm is fine just a nuisance at this stage more than anything else! I haven't been able to drive for 5 weeks now and its beginning to annoy me! I had great plans for hillwalking for the summer but sure I am not complaining I will get to the hills when I am healed! I am back at the hospital on Monday so fingers crossed they will take the cast off then! Some physio will ensue I presume but once the cast is off should be able to drive again at least!

    Mind yourself!


  • Well reading through that blog is like a breath of fresh air, It is amazing how she gets so much into her life between treatments. it is just amazing I am speechless

  • Wow. That's the way to do it. X

  • What a girl and so beautiful. Xx

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