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Second opinions how do you get one

Hi Everyone

I have just found out my ct scan shows recurrance of cancer in abdomen after only finishing first line chemo of carboplatin/taxol (but reacted to taxol on second session so just carbo after that) in July 2012. Seeing oncologist on monday but macmillan nurse told me will be more chemo. Also told unlikely to be looking at cure now but keeping as under control as can.

I am feeling that now is the time to get a second opinion on my second line treatment as I feel that this is the time that treatment starts to vary. Up to now I have followed a similare course of treatment to most ladies, operation then six lots of carbo. I dont want to offend my oncologist especially as he is new but dont want to find myself a few months down the line wishing I had done it

I am looking for help and advice on

how to go about getting a secon opinion

any experiances of it and

can you request who you get one from and also who are the experts to go to.

I know alot of questions but I know there will be others here who have faced the same issues.

Any help will be most appreciated.


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I am really sorry to hear your news.

I finished my chemo in July 2012 as well and have appointment to see oncologist on Monday when I will get my ca125 results.

If I have a recurrence I may seek a second opinion.

Referral can be made by GP or oncologist.

I will be looking at the Royal Marsden or UCL I think.

It's a really rotten disease

Take care

Anne x


Sorry to hear about your news. I agree you need to explore all the options. Why don't you give Ruth a ring on 08453710554? She is there 10 till 5 Mon to Fri. She will give you all the info on 2nd opinions. I know she is knowledgeable about that. I think it's fine with most oncogists, but do talk to Ruth at Ovacome. All the best for your new course of treatment, whatever you decide

Love Wendy xx


I asked both my gynaecologist and oncologist for a second opinion and they were quite willing for this to happen. They asked where I wanted to go but suggested the Royal Marsden. Luckily I have a friend down in London so can stay whist having treatment. They are great and very knowledgeable.

I saw both an onc and a surgeon at the RM to get both opinions.

Good luck!

Hetty xx


Dear WiganW

I think it was Citrine who confirmed that as patients we're all entitled to ask for a second opinion - and I'd certainly do this as it costs no more than travelling to the appointment and overnight stay if necessary. I'd say it's a good idea to ask whether your own consultant feels that this is refractory disease - by which I mean that carbo-platin hasn't worked well for you - or was it more the case that in having to drop Taxol that the chemotherapy was less likely to be so effective and this might have impacted on the length of your remission.

I didn't have any Taxol - not my own request or an allergic reaction - but due to an admin error. I was told they do like to give both treatments to give you the best chance of a remission. I'd ask what your local oncoogist would suggest as a next line treatment and then compare this with anything available elsewhere including any specific drug trials available in different centres.

Wishing you luck with this.

xxx love Annie


Dear WiganW,

I agree with Wendy,It might be a good idea to give Ovacome helpline a ring and speak to Ruth, she will best be able to advice you on the best way to go about it, and also where to go, as you are living in Wales (all be it the borders) you might be limited in where you can go, I have been told (but it might be wrong) that the Welsh NHS have clamped down on sending patients to England for treatment, I don't know whether this would be the same for a second opinion but worth checking it out. I was surprised that you went to Wrexham when I was first diagnosed there were people attending Clatterbridge ( it being a centre of excellence) from North Wales (but not anymore it would seem) best wishes love x G x


Dear WiganW

Sorry to hear your news, treatment sems to vary so much and also depends on whether we become allergic to a certain agent, in my case I came through 6 sessions Carbo/paclotaxel, got the all clear then back under line two 9 months later. I had allergic reaction to Carbo so treatment continued with taxol, again got the all clear and this time it has been 1 yr without treatment. this time round it is only taxol and we will see what the results are at mid way scan, then we can use cisplatin as well if there is no improvement. Oncologist assured me that this recurrance had nothing to do with only having the one agent last time.

Cant explain it.

Take care




Hi there, just to say that I went to the Royal Marsden for a second opinion and am so very pleased I did. They are total oncology, and seem to have access to different drugs and trials? They are in Chelsea and Sutton, Surrey. Why not ask your oc for advice and contacts. I am with Dr.Suzie Bannerji @ RM. Good luck!! xx


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