5th Chemo postponed....3C

Hi Ladies

Upto my 3rd chemo I've been so ill with side-effects...on my 4th chemo Paclitaxel was reduced by 25% and I was given Granocyte/Lenograstim injections to be taken on day 3 after chemo for 3 days only (these accelerate the reproduction of white blood cells).  If I dare say it I've felt so much better leading upto 5th chemo only to be told my white blood cell count was 1.28 and needs to be 1.5 - so disappointed and upset and I just cant understand why this has happened.  Has anyone else experienced this?

Love Michelle x

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  • Hi Michelle

    I have so much sympathy for you...it's just such a pain having it delayed BUT there is often no definitive reason just that chemo really messes with your whole system and the medics are just trying to keep you safe. So try to enjoy your time off.. Eat rest have fun and get ready for the rescheduled round...you'll get there! Lyndall xx

  • Thank you Lyndall...blood tests on Tuesday!! x

  • Good morning - I had exactly the same problem; had the same course of jabs but for 9 days each cycle as my bone marrow was so slow to respond! It's a very common side effect so don't worry - it's just such a nuisance when you want to get it over and done with! Good luck! !xx 

  • Hi Michelle, Me!  I started 2nd line treatment, carbo/taxol at end of Feb.  So far, I've only had 2 treatments.  My white blood cell count has plummeted.  It went down to 1.2, i went back the following week, it had fallen again to 0.9 and last week it remained 0.9.  Wasn't at hospital on Monday past due to Bank Hol, back again Monday coming, 9th.  I hope they have gone up again.  I feel much better from yesterday so I hope that's a good sign.   I haven't had the injections you mentioned, in fact I've been given no treatment for it!  All I can tell you is rest, rest and more rest and stay away from crowds. I have literally been hibernating lo!.  Good luck.  Ann x

  • Hi Me!  Hi Ann There's no rhyme or reason why our blood counts are so low...I'm told the 3 weeks in between treatment my body can't recover in time and no special diet can improve this.  It's just so disappointing as you psych yourself up for this treatment.  It's been mentioned that my injections may be increased to 5 after the 3rd day of chemo...worth you mentioning these perhaps?  It's strange as this is the best I've felt plus Taxel reduced so who knows!  As for resting I find that really hard to do.  I've gone back to work on reduced hours as I'm bored stiff at home but working 10 to 2ish 3 days a week.  Fingers crossed for you on Monday and my blood tests are Tuesday.... Chat soon Michelle xx

  • I'm very similar to you Ann, but so far getting through by the skin of my teeth. On my first line carbo/taxol my WBC was supported by GCSF injections and I asked for similar to get me through this protocol. I was advised that I was given them first line as that was considered a curative chemo and subsequent chemos are palliative and therefore don't fit thr protocol for prescribing extra support......how true I don't know 


  • Ah, that makes sense now.  I did ask for them and was told I didn't meet the protocol.  However, they fell during my first line treatment and I wasn't offered them then either!   If I never get yo finish this chemo, I azm hoping for a lengthy remission.  I don't like to think of myself on palliative treatment at this stage! Ann xo

  • I'm wishing you a long remission too, I'm also fingers crossed for me.....it's all about me! I'm managing about 6 months between chemos so a longer break would be and believe me I'm nowhere in the mindset of palliative care! 

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