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hi Ladies, I had the joyful experience of a colonoscopy on Saturday and after 2 years of stability it looks like my ovarian cancer is back again in the colon, gradually growing and filling the space in the colon. I'm seeing the oncologist next week and wondered if you could give me any advice/information? not really sure whats next, already had hysterectomy and two rounds of chemo.

many thanks

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  • Just wanted to commiserate on the colonoscopy's never going to be the most glamorous procedure in the world! Hope your oncologist has a good plan for you..all the best Lyndall xx

  • Oh dear, so sorry to hear. You've been through such alot already, now this. The only advice is to keep strong. U have shown already you can beat this, so stay positive and beat it again.

    I have an ileostomy because my tumour was attached to my large colon, but a small price to pay to help save my life.

    Stay strong. Thinking of you.

    Mandy, xx

  • I'm sorry I can't offer advice but just wanted to wish you well with your further treatment. It sounds like you've kicked it's butt before...time to do so again. I'm sure your oncologist will have a plan of action too. Thinking of you & sending you strength. Jemima xx

  • Bless you. Sending love and prayers to you. Xxx

  • I had exactly this and had my sigmoid colon removed in December. Not a barrel of laughs but got through it and am now fully recovered with ned. Had to fight for surgery but I won! Had 18 weeks carbo/taxol which wasn't too bad compared to 3 weekly the first time. It was definitely the right thing for me so if you decide it is for you then go for it! Good luck xxx oh I went 2 years too before reoccurrence .

  • Hi, thank you for this. I had thought surgery as I think its a basic human reaction to have it cut out and disposed of. I did try for surgery last time in 2014 but was given chemo instead. I think this time I have a stronger case so Ill see how it goes on Tuesday. Glad you are doing well and that this decision was right for you. Hx

  • Hi I can't answer your question but wanted to say I hope everything goes well with your treatment.

    Hugs Ellsey xx

  • I had a large rectal tumour in2004 and had a colostomy formed which for the first ten years was trouble free and saved my life.I have had further recurrences and surgery has usually bee n the best option for me.I have had trouble with my bowels again recently so had the dreaded colonoscopy but my problems are caused by a hernia not cancer this time.They did try radiotherapy before I had that tumour removed and that did shrink it a bit.If you have to go through surgery get in touch with the colostomy association and stoma support groups.Good luck.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience. I think it varies between hospitals as to whether they offer surgery or not, but will definitely push for it this time. Good that this time round it was a hernia, must have been a huge relief.


  • I would like to thank all of you for your replies of support and shared experiences. I'm seeing the oncologist next week and think they will offer: do nothing till it causes a problem, chemo and maybe surgery but think that one I'll have to push for. Feeling more positive than when I originally posted so all good. Hx

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