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need advice.


Diagnosed with 6cm septated cyst,one side fluid one solid. Doc done a immediate CA125 and a BRCA,got the results from the CA and they told me they were on the low side,I go back on the 21st and they told me they wanted to act fast on this,he was discussing Oncologist and finding out before he does the surgery himself or needs a referral. He did not give me the do not worry it's prob benign. I am so nervous and waiting on the BRCA. On the 21st they hope to have the results. He said he wants it out and both ovaries he can not spot the right one and said he is having a hard time figuring out if it's on the left or right,it's in the middle and it's pushing on my bladder. What lead to this I had severe pains and had been so sick and up and down and low grade fever and went too the ER they done a CT and the doc came in and said I had a mass on what he thought was on the left ovary and I needed to make a apt with my gyn. I have been having issues for some time now and was told IBS and so on,well guess not! The fatigues is awful,I have Fibro but this is so so much worse. I was just thinking that they could tell usually from the CT if it's cancer or not. He is talking Laporotmy,and I went to get some pain relievers and the nurse said once again he wants to move quick. But when I go on the 21st it will have been two weeks,and I am bloated daily and can't hold much food and not much of appetite anyway. I can't sleep and I am just a mess over this. Any advice? I am wondering if he is for certain but just wants more proof.

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Hi sweetie and welcome to the group nobody wanted to join but it’s a lovely place to get support and advice x

Waiting for results and diagnosis is the worse time and I found i was so anxious and fearful I felt I could never cope x

You will be fine and whatever your issues turn out to be you’ll be amazed at how strong you are and you’ll be able to cope with whatever your treatment plan is going to be x

Once you have that plan you’ll feel better believe me as you’ll have facts and be able to focus better

Sending you hugs and positive vibes

Take care and let us know what happens on 21st

Bev xx

Now I have!


Petuniasue in reply to 27-359

Sorry I have not replied,but I could not figure out how to get back here.


Hi There. It's a bugger to have to wait, isn't it. I don't suppose you were told what your CA125 was? Altho' it's really not entirely reliable, it's always worth knowing the figure.

Have you a strong history of breast and/or ovarian cancer in your family? The BRCA gene is generally only found in women with that strong family history.

As to whether it is benign or not, as far as I know, will only be known for certain, once they can have a look at the cyst.

Other than that, I agree with Bev - do your best to be strong while you wait. It's amazing how much strength you can summon up when you need to.

I wish you all the good luck for the 21st.

Best wishes. Pauline

Petuniasue in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much. My CA was 32 and yes we have a strong history and he said that's why he wanted the BRCA,but my gosh can't it be taken out and tested? He told us he just wants to make sure it's sometnnng he can handle or if he needs to send me on too a Oncologist. But meanwhile my belly now looks as if I am pregnant and it's permanent bloating. Kind of not eating much for a while,several days I have just had a few bites here and there. I just know our family history and I am scared and want it gone. The septa is scary and I did read they no longer connect a high malignancy too this.

Hi PetuniaSue. That is literally the most stressful time period.. the weeks before you know what it is that causes your discomfort. As Bev said, try to take it one day at a time.

A referral might not be the worst idea, as this is a fairly big surgery and you want to be in the best possible hands for it i.e. a certified gyn cancer center if possible (big hospitals). They will only be able to tell you more about the spread (or not) of any odd tissues/cells after surgery and histology. The scans are not exact enough to confirm all the details.

Hopefully you will get the all clear and can move on with your life at that point.

For the bloating: Maybe you can get some relief via an occasional drain, prior to surgery? E.g. if it's ascites liquid causing the bloat.

All the best. Maus

Petuniasue in reply to Maus123

Thank you and I am leaning toward this. He is confusing me and my symptoms have gone on for a long time and are getting worse. I am not saying it's cancer but why not get it out instead of waiting?

Where is the cyst?

Did they take a HE4?

It’s unusual to have BRCA testing done like this for many reasons. They don’t know if it’s cancer yet being the main one. Testing and results take several weeks so just wondering if you’ve misunderstood?

What is your CA reading?


Petuniasue in reply to Lily-Anne

My CA 125 was 32 and I am confused as well. But it was suppose to be in this week but now it's next week. He said he wants to know so he can take the other ovary and appendix and so on. I say take it anyway. With the cancer that runs in my family I want it gone. We kinda been thinking this as well.

Petuniasue in reply to Lily-Anne

It's sitting below my belly button and he can't find my right ovary but thinks it's coming off my left. My tummy is huge now . CA is 32

Sorry everyone,I just figured out how to get back on here. My Gyn is really confusing us,a lot. He wants to do surgery early July,he said ones my gene test comes in he can decide,it was suppose too be in and I went and not yet. My CA 124 is 32 and they said that's a good thing,so he feels like he can do this. He said if I am positive he is gonna take both ovaries and appendix. And he can't tell me if I am benign or malignant till after surgery and it's biopsied. But I am really confused as to why he does not do more scans. I am more bloated and I have numbness down my leg and into my foot and I look pregnant,been having pain with bowl movements for a while,not every time. And it's sharp around the ovary when I go and sometimes have rectal pain for hours after. That comes and gos. We are wondering if we should get a second opinion. Thank you lovely ladies for the replys and so sorry it took me a while to get back here.

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