Is it normal to have pain in my right lower abdomen after so long? Do adhesions cause problems for this length of time?

Is it normal to have pain in my right lower abdomen after so long? Do adhesions cause problems for this length of time?

I had my last of two operations January 2013 so I have been cut up the middle twice, I had my uterus cut away from my rectum and before that the cancer removed from my bladder and sigmoid colon so I imagine I have a few adhesions. It hurts when I turn my body sometimes and after I've emptied my bladder. My CA125 has gone up and is no longer in the normal range. CT scan in early January didn't show anything though.

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  • I am sorry that I am not much help with this you could give the helpline a ring they might be able to give you advise tel 0845 371 0554

    Best wishes love x G x

  • Hi lovis, I had 2 ops on vertical ( tah) and one horizontal (liver resection) last one in 2012and I still have problems with the scarring from them, both at skin level and internally. I would go see your doc as they should be able to tell if its something abnormal in the healing process. Hope you get it sorted soon.

    sue x

  • Not much specific help, I'm afraid, but I do think generally hospitals aren't very good about telling you what to expect after surgery.

    I guess they don't want us all expecting things and finding we have them.

    I've had 5 lots of surgery in the last 5 years and the only ones which I have no awareness of are the ones which were done laparoscopically. The ones involving big cuts are fine most of the time, but then I'll be aware of them and not in a nice way. There's no sign of anything wrong. I think it's nerve or muscle damage.

    Fingers crossed that your regular monitoring continues fine. Chris xxxx

  • I still feel pain lower right side, after op back in September 2012, so that is 17 months on. Show no sign of easing at all ... Yet scans clear and ca125 still low. I think adhesions definitely the cause, as does doc who seems unsurprised.

    Given that your ca125 is rising though, do not ignore, just in case.


    Sue xxx

  • Thanks for your reply. The pain has eased a bit but not fully gone. Will go for next CA125 next week. I presume they will do another scan if it's still high. It does feel a bit under pressure down low, I'm not sure if it's wind or scar tissue.

  • My op was last April and I still have quite a lot of discomfort as well as sciatica and numbness in my foot. CT scan shows nothing. I find those little heat pads quite soothing now the hot flushes have settled down a bit. Hope you feel better soon & Love your cat by the way. xxx

  • Thanks for your replies everyone. I'm feeling quite good at the moment after a lovely weekend in Monte Carlo, despite griping pains in my lower abdomen as well as the pain in the lower right hand side. Definitely seems to be all linked to my bowels. Lovis x

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