Grappling the beast part 2

Good morning everyone! I posted a few days ago that I'm now facing 3rd line treatment in as many years; have accepted have to just go with it so eager to start now bizarrely!

Am still feeling well thank goodness - am having a PICC line in on Tuesday prior to 1st cycle the following week.

I'm sure there are ladies who've had this? Any tips and is it painful? ? Thank you to everyone for their messages and support - means so much xxxx

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  • Good morning great to hear your are up and ready to go again!! sorry not had the PICC line but will be interested in the replys you get about it.

    have a great weekend x

  • Thank you Alison - yep I've got my mojo back a little! Hoping the sun keeps shining for the weekend - I'm feeling a rather large amount of retail therapy needs to be done!

    Happy weekend to you too xxx

  • Maz , I am about to start my sixth load of chemo , probably Immunotherapy ( a trial )

    I understand completely when you write that you are eager to start .

    Once the shock of the bugger being on the march has abated , I do think that a plan helps you feel more in control : pics and ports are terrific : the foraging for veins is always ghastly and these lines make life so much easier , not just for the patient but also the nursing staff . I really do send you all my best wishes .

  • Thanks Angela and you're right - I'm very much of the opinion that once you've accepted that the beast is marching let's try and stop it in its tracks! !

    Just wanted to say I admire your posts and replies - I think we're both cut from the same down to earth cloth! I hope you're feeling better - we can grapple together! ! Xxx

  • Hi Maz

    I have a picc line . Not painful at all . Put in very quickly needs to be flushed and cleaned weekly again not painful . No more painful finding a vein . Good luck x

  • Thank you! Yes I'm looking forward to not having to grapple with veins as well as the Beast! !! Xxx

  • Hi

    I've got a picc line too. The putting in didn't hurt - the thought of it made me feel worse than the actual event. I've had no trouble with mine so far and having my 4th infusion Monday and no worries about cannulas. Good luck with it all and best to just get on with it you're right.


  • Thank you Vicki - as you say I think it's the thought of it; quite frankly my poor veins really have just given up the ghost so it's the only way forward!

    Hope your treatment is going okay xxx

  • Hi Maz

    During my first recurrence I was advised to have a PICC line but resisted due to being a wimp!. On my second recurrence I had to bite the bullet and to be honest it was the best thing I did! Not painful, bit of 'discomfort' having it fitted but that didn't take long. Showering/takes a bit of getting used to with it but I just wrapped my arm in cling film and that soon sorted that (you have to keep the area dry). Other than that I went on holiday with it (not abroad), couldn't swim with it but that was ok (was gonna joke and say I couldn't swim before anyway lol but I love swimming). Best wishes with your chemo. Kathy xxx

  • I wonder if you can get a 'sleeve' of sorts for protection?

    D xx

  • Hi Debs you can get a sleeve but I was told just to use clingfilm and they advised against using one that you can get for swimming just in case it leaked and I decided it wasnt worth the risk . i think Amazon do them. x

  • Oh Kathy thanks for your reassuring reply - I was wondering about showering and keeping the dressing dry - clingfilm makes perfect sense! Not wholly looking forward to having it done but know it has to be the next step xxx

  • Hi Maz 54, I have had no experience of a picc line or a port as yet but it could be down the road. Yes once you get over the initial shock of having to have treatment again and a treatment plan, our minds settle once more. I wish you well with the picc line and the treatment.

  • Thank you suzuki - had a couple of weepy wobbles today when I got my wig out of retirement - I was offered a voucher for another one as has been nearly 2 years but am going into "the wig place " on Monday for them to tittivate it so we'll see. Just want to get this picc line in and get started - hopefully kick the bleeders into touch again! ! Xx

  • Take the voucher, get a fresh look. Then when you want another look at - they are brilliant and loads cheaper.

    Let us know how the PICC line goes. I'm keen to know for future infusions. My veins packed up and chemo 5 of six almost destroyed me. What is the difference between a PICC and PORT?

    All the best

    Debs xx

  • Hi Debs. The PICC sits outside the body on the arm, usually your dominate arm, and the PORT sits just under the skin in the chest area. xx

  • Hi Kathy - I'm showing my complete ignorance now ! So I have something in my chest as well? ? I've read the leaflet they gave me but must have overlooked that bit! !

    It does talk about them threading something into the chest - maybe that's it? !? Xx

  • I have a PICC in. It wasn't sore. Its the best thing, makes it so much easdeasdier on treatment days. The District Nurse comes once a week to remove the dressing, clean the area etc and redress and flush it. Ann x

  • Thank you Ann - yes I'm sure once it's in I'll get my head around the routines with it - just another hurdle to get over 😊😊.

    Hope your treatment is going okay xxx

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