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Norway was wonderful but the beast is back!

Have just returned from the most amazing cruise to the fjords with my lovely daughter and even managed a hefty climb to a glacier in spite of my fizzy feet and fatigue! Had results of my MRI yesterday and the tumours in my liver are growing again so starting carbo and caelyx next week on a four weekly regime. CA125 still 17 though. I am feeling like my positive bubble has burst and really unsure what I should do about work as I am currently on reduced hours but being pressured to increase them. Not going to happen now though so I am wondering about leaving through ill health but don't know where to go for advice as our HR are awful. Anyone have experience of this?

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Hi . So sorry to hear your news . I am in much the same position . Came back on my liver and diaphragm last year after a long remission and since theni've been having different chemotherapy treatment. Currently on Caelyx. I have always worked through my treatment . Only a couple of days a week because it brought a bit of normality. However this time I have decided to concentrate on myself and have been signed off more or less permanently . I am lucky that my company pay a years full pay sickness and my HR have told me not to do anything silly like handing in my notice at the moment. I should have retired a few years ago but like my job . I'm not absolutely sure but I I don't think you could be forced to retire now a days unless you really are not to the job . It's a very big decision to make and you have to think about it very carefully, at the end of the day you are the most important thing in all this. You need concentrate on yourself and try to keep as stress free as possible . I wish you lots of luck with your new treatment and hope you make the right decision for you. Take care. Chris . 😘😘❤️


Thanks Chris that's very encouraging! Having only just been given the news I will wait a bit and see how the treatment goes. I did ok on the carbo taxol so hopefully this will not be too troublesome. 😏x


Katsmum, I am in US, so not familiar with UK options. From a recovery standpoint, I encourage you, if possible, to do whatever it takes to REDUCE STRESS in your life. Your solution will be unique to your situation and I hope you'll be able to focus 100% of your energy on taking care of yourself and enjoying every single day, no matter what it brings! Thinking of you and sending energy and smiles your way! T


Hi, glad you had a fabulous holiday with your daughter and sorry to hear that you have to start treatment again. Do you have an occupational health department locally. You could arrange an appointment with the Dr there. I had support from mine and also the Oncologist provided a letter for me. HR have to take this seriously as I understand that having cancer comes under the disability discrimination act. Good luck. Ann xx


I love Norway just moved back to the Scotland after living in Stavanger for 3 years. Such a beautiful country.

Regarding your work I would contact Macmillan or a Maggies Centre to get advice. Even ACAS but I reckon Macmillan might have more specialist knowledge regarding your rights with situations like this. I always feel the better you are informed the easier and less stressful the discussion with your work will be.

Good luck. X


Thanks Ann and bibs I will probably try all of them as there are also redundancies in the air just to complicate things even more! Yes Norway was stunningly beautiful and I would love to go again someday. Must have been wonderful to live there for a while. Take care and have a great day all x



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