Grappling the beast yet again!

Good afternoon ladies - haven't posted for a good while but always read people's threads with interest and do reply if I feel I can help in any way.

To recap was diagnosed 3b OC in May 14 and completed 2nd line treatment 6 months ago. Recent CT has shown nodal disease and a spot on the liver. I'm to start carbo / taxol again as onc says has been 18 months since I had this before. No ascites as yet apparently.

Just so scared as my remissions are notoriously short - am beginning to feel the clock ticking and my back turning to the wall. Would love to hear from anyone who has been facing the same scenario.

Love to all of you xxx

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  • Hi Maz Sorry to hear your news! I cant offer much by the way of advise. other than to say I am in a similar position I am on watch and wait after only 3 months of being Ned from my operation so I really feel your pain. Looking positively they are on it and its only at the start so the treatment will blast it away again.

    Keep your pecker up we CAN beat this!!


  • Hi Alison and thanks for your reply. I discussed watch and wait with oncologist today - he doesn't advocate it as he thinks it's best to have chemo whilst the nodes are small and I'm still feeling well as I'm more likely to get into remission again. Just feels like it's all such a battle and it's never ending - hoping my mojo will return over the next few days! !

    Will you have another CT soon to see the state of play for yourself? Xx

  • Hi maz I know what you mean about the watch and wait we asked why wait lets just get rid of it but I think because it's only a subtle change they said it's not worth having chemo yet but would have done if I couldn't deal with it mentally my onc is prof jayson at the Christie I think he is my god so decided to go with his recommendation

    I have ca125 test next week results on Thursday n ct scan Friday 22/7

    When are you booked in for chemo xx

  • 1st one 5th July but hopefully will have fitted in a PICC line before that as my veins are shot! Yes I guess if there's nothing definite on scan it's wise to wait; and faith in your team is so important!

    We all have to try to keep positive xx

  • Good luck with the picc line n your chemo keep us updated

    Take care xx

  • Sure thing - will do xx

  • Hi Maz, sorry you are back on the roundabout again but you did it before and can do it again. Maybe this time this regime will have a better effect it is hard to say really. I have had recurrences and I am still here, I am stable at the moment. I finished Avastin in October. My first Chemo was Carbo Taxol and got a good result from it but then got a two and a half year break and got Gemzar, then after that about a year had rt. In 2013 another recurrence got Gem again with Avastin so stable is the state of the body at the moment. In between, I try to get away and do things. It is the only way I can manage to be honest. It is hard having a recurrence and try and take a small break before treatment if you can or plan one half way through.

  • Oh b.....r! Rubbish news. Can't offer any advice but want to wish you back health. Xxxx

  • Thank you Little San - here's hoping xx

  • Thank you suzuki - it's not the fact of having to go back into treatment; oncologist confirmed today that remissions generally shorten as time goes on which makes me just plain scared tbh. None of us have a crystal ball of course and there are no guarantees - I just feel a bit lost!

    Need to raise my game somewhat! ! Xx

  • Oh you! Now I'm laughing and blubbering all in one go and everything in between! ! It's making friends like you that will keep me sane and sorted - god you're so right! You know me - why delete the swear words - BLAST THE BLEEDER! !!!!

    Much love my caped crusader xxxxx

  • Maz I'm so sorry I know we had our first recurrence the same time and got ned pretty much the same time too! Sounds like they've caught it early so let the chemo do its job and blast it away - as difficult as chemo is I know, at least they're on to it. Take care, hugs and thoughts for you, Jo xxx

  • Hi jo lovely to hear from you - how are you doing? I know - I just have to keep faith in my team and hope and pray the chemo can shrink the nodes down and put it to sleep for a while!

    Here's hoping xxx

  • I'm good thanks, so far so good, done six months now after ned results on 22 December and feeling well 'touch wood'. We've just returned from a week in Spain in the early hours of this morning, I read your post out there and was so gutted for you and was talking to my hubby about it. Try not to let it get you too down as they know what they're doing and a good strong blast of chemo will do the trick again I'm sure! 😊 Although I know you said you get quite sick with the chemo, it will be worth it when it's done. I'm always worrying about recurrence now it's happened once although try not to let it affect my life whilst I'm healthy. You're a fighter I know it and please keep me posted with how you're doing, I'm thinking of you xxx 😘

  • Thank you jo - those words mean a lot. Having the original regime didn't affect me as much as the caelyx so fingers crossed! I'm just going through the weepy stage at the moment but sod it - have decided to go to the cinema tonight with a good friend whilst I can; sitting around crying isn't going to do anyone any good - least of all me!

    I'll keep you posted of course and I'm so pleased seriously that you're still keeping the beast under wraps! !! Xxx

  • I have no experience to share Maz (only day 2 post op ) but I wanted to send you lots of good wishes for a successful outcome xxx

  • Thank you so much for your wishes - feeling more positive now. Hope you're recovering well xxx

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