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Mental Attitude part 2


Hi ladies thank you for all your responses they certainly helped, I saw oncologist today who confirmed the cancer that I knew about was stable and responding to chemo however I have a small cancerous growth in my abdominal wall they had thought it was scar tissue but it has grown ever so slightly so now they suspect it’s cancer, they are going to monitor it to see if it grows any more and may consider radiation to target it but nothing will be done for st least 2 mths when my course of chemo finishes unless it suddenly gets noticeably bigger or becomes painful. Very disappointing but I’m still fighting just had a bit of a low afternoon evening lots of those dark thoughts that plague us but having chatted to a couple of friends I’m back on track mentally and just going to get on with it.

Love to you all xx

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Glad you’re in a better place mentally.

So get them fighting knickers and cape back on and carry on smiling 😀😀 xx

Good for you and glad you are in a better place. It’s hard sometimes to be positive and strong but I do believe it’s important and can affect your body! I tell myself that while I am alive I will live as best I can and enjoy as many new experiences as possible ( bit tough today as been awake most of the night - steroids I expect lol!). Wishing you the very best - love and hugs. Jane xx

Glad to hear you are in a better place. To adopt a saying someone started.... Onwards and Upwards xx Kathy xx

Hm maybe that small growth just packs up and disappears at some time? I've had several small 'deposits' or irregularities spotted in one scan or another over the past 2+ years.. and many times, those were not visible anymore on the following scan. Still bears watching, probably in quarterly scans.

All the best. Maus

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Thanks Maya I really hope so I’m really fed up of this cancer malarkey now the fun ended a long time ago & when I say fun I’m joking 🙃

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