Happy weekend

Hi everyone,

After reading all the posts regarding your exciting, and positive weekends, I thought I would add mine. Its certainly cheery to hear that some of you are managing to have fun times in between the chemo and hospital appointments. I finished my first line chemo in May and had debaulking. I am now on Avastin. I never thought I would feel well again!

Apart from tiredness and aching, I have managed to go an holiday to Cornwall and Zante, I am back to work almost full time, and have just booked another week in Zante for next May with my grandchildren and son and daughter in law. I am going to the Birmingham Christmas market for the weekend in December with a friend. My hair is growing back thick and wavy. The credit card is taking a right bashing, but I am determined to enjoy life while I am well, and may long continue to do so.

Thank you all you lovely ladies for keeping me up when I am feeling down. I don't post often but I always read your posts. For those of you who are going through all the crap and feeling unwell, remember it wont last forever, even though it feels like it will never end. I know I'm only just getting over my first line and many of you have faced this many more times but its so lovely to read on here how you are all living life to the full. You are inspirational.

Caz x

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  • HI Caz well you have a great plan of action indeed, that will definitely keep you going for a bit. I have just finished Avastin after two years, yes you do get achey feet and nose problems etc but nothing major really. My bp stayed the same. At the moment I am on a chemical free holiday. The weather is very bad here, windy and stormy and cool into the bargain. Good on you for going back to work, I did that too but then felt a void when I had to retire last May but you get on it with it. I am now doing a few hours voluntary work which gets me out on the days its too wet to walk the doggies. I am enjoying reading a few books at the moment as well. Wishing you the best

  • Where are you Suzuki? We have had a rather dull and wet day. Im in Surrey. Its great to hear you are having a break. I have had problems with my BP but it only seems to go high when Im at the hospital, when at the GPs its fine! I hope you are enjoying your voluntary work.

    Keep well, it will not be long til Spring!

    Caz x

  • Hi Caz, I am here in Cork in Southern Ireland, it was a rotten day really so caught up on some reading and of course the news. I have three nieces in Strasbourg and a friend in Paris and my brother is in Nice but all are safe and well tonight. My daughter went to London on the new Cork City Jet Service for the weekend and to see the Coronnas in concert. I have been on bp meds for years and the Avastin didnt change it. However I do find that my feet are stiff in the mornings, possibly the Avastin. We will see if it disappears in a few weeks.

  • Thanks goodness everyone is ok. It has been a terrible weeknd for so many. we must thank our lucky stars. Hoping the weather improves in Cork, and you get to take your doggies out tomorrow. x

  • No today isnt a walkie day either, rain and strong winds abound here in Cork. Yes we have a lot to be thankful for, bad weather is unpleasant but we can manage, it will pass. My daughter texted me last night she was back in their hotel in Hammersmith and looking forward to coming home this evening. Wishing everyone well

  • Wonderful is all I can say x

  • Zante sounds fabulous, I booked flights to Tenerife for April before my blip, so fingers crossed. Birmingham is only an hour from me I didn't know there was a Christmas market, is it every year?

    Pleased all is well

    LA xx

  • You will go to Tenerife Lily Anne! I find that having holidays or events to look forward to keep me positive. And the Birmingham Christmas market is every year, its a German market, and is apparently lovely. Its my first time, I will let you know what its like.

    Keep thinking of lovely hot, sandy and blue water, Tenerife when your feeling low. I find having a photo of the hotel or beach on my phone keeps me focused.

    Take care

    Caz x

  • Lovely post caz, exactly what I needed to read on wet windy morning here in ireland ! Happy hol planning !

  • Hi Susan,

    I see on the news you are having the effects of hurricane Kate, hoping she blows over seen and leaves you with clear skies.

    Caz x

  • Lousy weather this weekend but looking forward to a weeks break in a five bed cottage which I was pick out for as a lady every year donates a week for someone with or surviving cancer in her cottage it not far from me but it is dog friendly and my family can also stay there, also we decided to go away for Christmas as my brother laws partners got a caravan in the new forest we will not have to cook as the people on the site do a three course meal and we have a three day break booked in Gibraltar for Feb so lots of things to look forward too

  • Thats fantastic Bobbyo, Looks like you have some relaxing days to look forward to.

    Enjoy !

    Caz x

  • I have OC stage 3 level c... still in shock as never ill. My surgery was on 29 Dec and 1st chemo 3 Feb... feeling very tired with stomach cramps and missing the vibrant me. Great to hear your planning exciting times ahead... I'll continue reading your progress. Love Michelle x

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