Stage 3C Serous carcinoma epithelial

Hi, I was diagnosed May 2015, had complete hysterectomy, debunking, omentum removed, and lymph nodes. At time of diagnoses my CA125 was almost 1000. Three weeks after surgery started chemotherapy treatment. Had last treatment September 2015, and CA125 was staying in the area of 4 - 5, until this January. It had jumped from 4.2 to 26 in a three month period. Had it checked a month later, February 20, and had jumped to 65. Just had CT Scan which was clear. Having CA125 checked March 20 to see if it's continuing to elevate or if it has gone down. Having bloating, constipation, pressure and occasional faint pain in lower abdomen and soreness in left side. Doctor or nurse have not mentioned a pet scan. I was age 64 in 2015 when I was diagnosed. Any words of encouragement? :)

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  • Hi my situation sounds similar to yours. Ever increasing CA125 but scan showed a nodule increased, so not enough to start chemo, especially as it is only a few months since treatment finished. We are waiting and seeing and possibly looking at trials. I think it's positive that there is nothing specific to see on the scan. I've found books helpful to get a sense of perspective, also massage and reiki to help relax. Hope you can succeed in not worrying too much ...

    take care, Netti

  • GoldenGourd, thank you so much for replying to my post. Prayers for you that your situation will improve!! It sure does help to be able to communicate with others that are battling this awful disease!!

    Good luck,


  • Thank you so very much for responding! It really helps to have someone to communicate. I just recently found this forum and so glad I did! I hope all turns out well for you in the battle we're in!

  • Hi, I am almost in the same position as you. Had chemo surgery and Chemo in 2015 last Jan 2016. In Feb this year started getting left sided abdominal discomfort and a little bit of constipation. CA125 checked it was 77 and I am off to have an MRI today, hoping for the best for both of us PLEASE keep me posted how you are doing

  • Dryden1, want to thank you for responding to my post. Prayers for you that there's nothing really going on and you get a positive report. Keep us updated on your progress, please!

    Good luck,


  • Sending you love and prayers. I'm still going through initial treatment so don't have words of wisdom like the other warriors. But 🤞🏻Those scans are clear. And if not, I have heard many women from this forum have a long remission after a first reoccurrence. 💥🤛🏻

    Anne 🌺🌼🌸

  • Thank you so very much, Anne, for your words of encouragement! Wishing the best for you!

  • I finished treatment September 2016 ca125 at 12, last ca125 February sitting at 16, I am now on 4 weekly ca125 testing next one March 20.

    Ellsey xx

  • Wishing you good luck! Be strong and always have positive thoughts!

  • I'm wishing you the very best with your testing results on March 20. I'm having bloodwork again on Monday, March 20 also so i'm thinking positive for both of us!

  • Thank you

    I will be saying a little prayer for all of us special ladies xx

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