Ovarian Cancer stage 3c

I've been in partial remission since Sept. 2016. My CA125 was the lowest then, 19. In Dec. it was 35. In Jan it was 46.9 and this week 62.9. I just had a stable scan this week, so the only conclusion was the hand of the Lord is on me. Thank you Lord. Living like I"m gonna live, not living like I'm gonna die. Next scan scheduled in June. #livingonborrowedtime

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  • Good luck with your scan in June. Keep enjoying life to the full!

  • It's the only way to live for us all, enjoy yourself and good luck with your next scan. ❤xx Jane

  • Hi Jenny

    It's not borrowed it's YOUR time xxx so keep taking it and know that we are with you as well

    Clare xx

  • Well said Clare!

  • I know exactly how you feel, it's a bit like living in limbo isn't it? My CA125 has hovered between 26 -36 for about a year, 32 at the moment. I guess I am classed as 'stable '? Anyway I am living life to the full as much as I have the energy for. I suppose quite a few of us are like this. I haven't had a scan for 8 months as my oncologist says there is unlikely to be any 'measurable diseaseI' Are any of you like this? I would be interested to hear if any long term survivors are like this or do they all have very low CA125's?

  • Great after all that your scan is stable and long may it last. We do worry in fact it is very normal to worry at scan times, so enjoy the next few months, make plans for trips etc, life is for living

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