Getting back to normal after treatment

Has anyone got any tips for getting back to normal once treatment is over? Specifically my nails are very "splitty" and I would like to be growing them longer and my bowels are still a bit loose.

I have a couple of infections with resultant course of antibiotics, and I've been drinking Actimel to try to help out the gut bacteria but it's not working yet. I'm about to start taking B vitamins again as they help with my carpal tunnel pain when I've been doing too much needlework.

Any other vitamins/supplements I could try? Foods to avoid or eat more of?

Thanks for any help


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  • Hi Diane I'm in the same position as you at the moment trying to get back some sort of normal. Will be interested to see what other ladies have to say. Hope u are the best you can be at the moment. Sending hugs. Xx

  • Firstly well done on completing your treatment xxx. Nails are made of the same stuff as our hair and we've all seen what the chemo did to that 😳. I used OPI Avoplex which is a nail and cuticle treatment oil, it's really good, also OPI do an intensive hand treatment which is also very nice. Wear cotton gloves at night if you can and slather hand cream on. Patience is a big one with the nails I'm afraid but they will come back. I take a really good quality multivit, coenzyme Q10, vitamin B12, calcium and glucosamine. I know some of the experts say you are making really expensive pee with supplements but I feel better with them 🙂 and I eat a well balanced diet with loads of fruit, veg & salad stuff. I start every day with a glass of hot water (you can put lemon juice and a touch of honey in it to taste but I take it neat 😂) because there's on old Ayurveda holistic thought that says it gives all our system a gentle wake up call and gets our organs working before we start bombarding our bodies with food and harsh drinks. Since I've been doing this each morning I feel brighter, my digestion is so much better, my hair is better, I look healthier, my skin is better and I've lost weight. Hope you start to feel better soon, you now have a new normal which takes a little getting used to but you'll get there. Hope the carpel tunnel improves. Good luck and keep well ❤️ Jane Xx

  • Hi Diane

    Well done! Now you're done you can start to eat all those things you couldn't or didn't want to during chemo. I tried to go for good nutrition- cut some of the crap I'd eaten on chemo and used live culture yoghurt etc to help guts. Most of all enjoy yourself! Xx L

  • Hi Diane, I finished chemo 7 weeks ago & now like you want to do everything I can to stay well.

    A friend of mine had breast cancer last year she takes 2 teaspoons of organic black cumin seed oil daily. Like Jane I take fresh squeezed lemons in hot water. I have read a alkaline diet is good for you this can be found on the internet. Make sure you get a good 8 hours sleep I was told by my GP thats important.

    I am sure you will have plenty of others given there healthy tips. Good luck on staying well. Cindyxx

  • 1000 mg of biotin once daily. My hair grew back in thicker and after losing my nails they too are stronger.

  • I am a massive believer in vitamin D - it just makes you feel so much better.

  • Just a thought instead of actimel for your gut bacteria, find a really good health food shop & ask them about a decent probiotic, preferably one you keep in the fridge, as they have live bacteria. You take one tablet daily . They aren't cheap, maybe £30 for the month? But well worth it in correcting your digestion. I swear by them. Good luck in getting back to full health x

  • I'd second that, but add to go for one with a lot of different strains of bacteria and in large quantities. I started on a fridge one, but have done better with a cheaper one :Natures Aid Pro 30 max or something.

    It transformed my recovery from bowel resection.

  • I'm a great believer in probiotics too. I couldn't manage my IBS without them. I think it's a matter of finding the one that works for you. Recent research has shown that gut bacteria influence all sorts of conditions.

  • We dont feel better when chemo is finished nor should be expect to be, It can take a while to come back to normal nine months or a year!!! About the nails, I used Boots own brand skin hair and nails and that helped the nails along with the pink vaseline hand cream. If you need to talk to some one approach your local Cancer Support Centre. You can feel lost away from the hospital and also because its over, your family and friends expect you to be back to normal. So it is good to speak with a trained counsellor. Well that is what worked for me. If you are in Ireland, I suggest you join Ovacare, they hold coffee mornings in Cork and Dublin where you meet patients and can feel quite at home. This is not possible in a hospital setting. Best wishes

  • Congratulations on finishing your treatment unfortunately the chemo does some damage when it is killing all those cells, I take 1000 mg Biotin daily I've seen a big improvement with my hair and nails.

    I am still struggling with constipation so have just started Reguco from H&B and eating lots of fruit & veg.

    Hugs Ellsey xx

  • Having suffered both constipation and diarrhoea during chemo I still can't decide which is worse! Both are pretty awful and tiring.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

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