I live in Oregon, USA. I am new to this forum, so I know this topic must have been covered, but I want to add my experience of the wonderful help cannabis has given me in dealing with the many side effects of chemotherapy.

Here, Marijuana is legal. Medical marijuana has been for a long time. I do not know the laws in England, and I am curious about the experiences you all have had with this.

If it were not for marijuana, the journey through chemo would have been far more difficult; I would gave hurt more, eaten and slept far less, and maybe not have made it through. I pray this option is available in the UK.

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  • Hi there ..

    I'm really glad that you're getting relief. Cannabis is illegal in the UK and there are many reasons not to have it around in general use. I was referred to our local hospice when I was in a great deal of pain because of where the cancer was and was prescribed an opiat patch, paracetamol and NSAIDs. When I was on chemotherapy, I wasn't in pain because of the chemo drugs which produce other symptoms.

    At the moment, my pain has reduced for no explicable reason and I'm happy. I often get tired, but having serious pain, I know, is a constant reminder of having cancer as well as being very debilitating and restricting. So, in the UK, I know from experience that pain management via the hospice doctor is crucial. My doctor there transformed my life and for that, I'm extremely grateful. Xx

  • Cannabis is also illegal in Ireland as also is Marjuana, we rely on the old reliable for pain relief.

  • Wish it was legal here. I wouldn't mind mellowing out a bit as this has been the bumpiest ride of my life.

    Debs xx

  • I am surprised that at least medical marijuana is not available there. It has no recreational value, no buzz, just medicinal release of symptoms.

    I had never smoked marijuana in my life, and didn`t want to, but my daughter insisted when I could not eat (I lost 60 pounds in 5 months), and was in such nausea and pain. Bingo, no more symptoms.

    My oncologist, surgeon, and all other medical personnel approved wholehardly that I try it and signed all legally required papers...thank goodness.

    Oregon also has a "Death with Dignity" law that allows physician assistance to end one`s life, under very strict conditions.

    I am fortunate to have these choices.

  • Hi, you are very fortunate, from what I have read the states is opening up all over to medical marijuana and the recreational side. Also Australia is considering the medical marijuana.

    CDB is legal over here, no high, and I read a medical paper that said taking it alongside chemo stopped pherpheral neuropathy in trials with mice and they were going to start human trials soon.

    I had considered taking it through my last taxol towards the end as my feet have really suffered. I only read about it when I had three to go and bottled out.

    Should have done it, nothing to lose as Taxol was not working and my feet are still giving me loads of pain.

    In my reading of the Inspire site , the states seem to be one step ahead , like giving chemo patients pills to over come PN as soon as you start chemo, here, nothing.

    But our NHS is still wonderful.

  • Your NHS is indeed wonderful!, You are "streets" ahead of us there!

  • If the US had an NHS, there would have been no 'Walter White' ;) xx

  • I am sorry, I don`t know who Walter White is.

  • Bryan Cranston the science teacher who made meth in Breaking Bad.

  • My friend vapes it for chronic arthritic pain. She says it has helped enormously. xx

  • @annmasonkey--I live in Seattle, WA. Marijuana in all its forms, is legal here too. We are also a "death with dignity" state. I am VERY grateful to have these options.

  • Yes, aren`t we fortunate to have choices of pain free dignity. We must certainly thank those people who made such possible.

    Have you seen the wonderful documentary, "To Die in Oregon"? My thankfulness to all who went before, who thought of us who come after.

  • @annmasonkey, yes I have seen it. I decided if my journey were to become simply unbearable and my quality of life too excruciating, that I would use the DWD option. During treatment there have been times when the pain and suffering overwhelmed me. My husband has saved me each time. I am grateful to have such a powerful advocate fighting for me when I cannot bear the fight alone. I wish every single woman to have the same support in their lives!!!! It brings me great comfort simply knowing that I could legally choose when to put a stop to the process. That said, I AM GRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE. I AM GRATEFUL FOR MY DOCTOR AND MY BELOVED FAMILY AND FRIENDS. I live one day at a time and find much joy in that!!!!

  • Amen! Well said.

  • CBD oils are available Not sure of the veracity of the science behind them though. xx

  • Right maybe I can add a bit as have some knowledge. Cannabis is great. It reduces anxiety and helps me sleep and helps with pain relief and a muscle relaxant, so if you suffer any of these things then I would say give it a go. A great phrase I heard recently was. "I would rather be illegally alive as opposed to legally dead", so yes it is illegal but I have not heard of anyone taking or growing cannabis to treat their cancer and get prosecuted by the police. It won't happen. And then we get onto Cannabis oil as a cure for cancer, yes I have some of this too and it is great to help me sleep and if it doing anything to help the cancer then bonus. There is lots of info out there on the right ratio of cbd to thc depending on type of cancer and whether hormanally driven. I plan to do more research tonight in fact. There is a good website called which is worth a look at. I think this is a great addition to my cancer fighting regime. So if you ask and put the word out there I am sure you can all get hold of some of you want to try it, I can advise further on methods of consumption and other info if anyone is interested in knowing more. X

  • Hi, will pm you. x

  • It's not available all over the United States. Only in the few states that allow it and unfortunately I don't live in one. 😩

  • Hi

    In Australia it's getting lively debate. That's probably all it'll get, knowing our politicians.

    Is it prescribed in tablet form? - can't imagine getting a 'script for a pkt of joints !


  • I do not know about tablet form. I don`t see why not, but I don`t know. Here, medical marijuana is in the same form as the THC (recreational) type; you can smoke it or eat it...just no high.

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