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How I have coped

They say everyone has a book in them! Well, it would seem this is true.

I was diagnosed in April 2009 with inoperable Ovarian Cancer and am just about to finish my third round of chemo.

In the last year I put together a book full of recipes from other patients, nurses, family, friends, celebs, youngsters and lots of other people who wanted to help. The book is also full of original art from fellow artists around the world.

I have put together this book to support my local charity here in Aberdeen - Friends of ANCHOR who support our cancer unit (ANCHOR Unit) at The Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

What has been so amazing is that having printed 1000 copies and not thinking that they would all sell, I am now well into the second print and going fast.

The support of people has made this experience a humbling experience.

Doing this project took 10 months which spanned two lots of chemo and has helped keep me positive through what you all know as a rubbish time. It has been a lot of work but oh so worth it.

So, fame and fortune - well its taken me to 52 to get the fame and 'the fortune', its in knowing that I am helping fellow patients get better support throughout their treatment. I have raised over £22,000.00 so far and this money will go towards equipment to help fellow sufferers.


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What an amazing story Dot. What an inspiration you are. I have just been feeling a bit low because its looks as if the cancer is on the move again for the third time in 2 years and it is a lovely day and I want to be out there walking but just can't do it. And I was all geared up to really get involved with a local charity but that is on hold yet again. Then you have come along and demonstrated that many things are possible - you just need to get on with them.

Well done you - and thanks for provinding the lift i needed.



what a wonderful and brave thing to do, thank you from a fellow sufferer xx


Dear Dott

What a wonderful thing to have achieved when going through the ordeal of chemo at the same time. And such a practical idea too. I would love to see the artwork. I don't suppose its on Amazon is it?

I only get as far as day dreaming about 'a book from us to them'. Meaning that having a life threatening illness gives us a very clear sense of what is important and what is not and much more besides. The rest of the population lose sight of this and worry about stuff that really isn't that important. Oh dear I think I might be sounding a bit odd. I must be feeling better.



Dear Dot

It was really uplifting to read your story. It was a tough start in April 2009 but you've shown that it's possible to achieve many things despite ill-health.

I'd love to get a copy of this book. Where can I find it?



Hi Annie,

I've emailed you about your order. It might be in your junk mail. If you don't have a paypal account you need to go onto the paypal website and follow through with your order there as per paypal email you will have received directly after placing your order. Just follow the instructions. You can reach me either on or Mobile 07921 809 148 if you have any questions.

Best wishes,



One of my artist friends did a website for me free of charge which was great.

You can see some of the artist's work on it and also buy the book online there too.


I must also say that this wasn't a punt for sales, it was to let you all know that if you put your mind to it and try for the 'Postive Mental Attitude' you can do most things. It was hard work and there were days when the last thing I wanted to do was the book, but I made myself work through those days and now here I am with a book to my name. This would never have happened if I didn't have cancer - so as always - I try and find the positive within the negative and there it is.

You can do it too :-) If not a book, there will certainly be something that you can do to help you cope so go girl go :-)


Hi Dottad,

What a fantastic thing you have done. I bet you are so proud of yourself. I will get myself a copy , can't wait ...You might not believe this , but I am doing exactly that. I started "my book" 2 days ago .( only got as far as page 5 !!!!)..It's based on my personal journey, the highs and lows of it all . It is a bit tongue in cheek dialogue , but I don't want it to be a morbid read. ( crikey , listen to me , you'd think I was confident that it would be published ). So thanks for your inspiration ,could I keep in touch if I get stuck .? I do need some guidance , but I want to get some kind of draft first . I'm gonna be head down bum up and get it finished, well I suppose the ending will have to wait a while .....

Well done you

Suzieque xxxxx


Hi Suzieque,

I am pleased that my story has been of help and if I can help in any way then of course you can get in touch. My email is and my mobile is 07921 809 148 if you need to chat.

My book isn't about my story although it has bits of me in it. Its a easy to do recipe book with art from fellow artists from all around the world.

I have thought about writing a book about my story but its such a big undertaking!

Good Luck



What a wonderful inspiration you are to us all !! You go girl and i hope you have a wonderful festive season !! Healing hugs and love Lynn XXXX


What a brilliant story, Dot! Well done. I've always wished I could write a book, not come up with the right idea yet though. You are an inspiration.

Love Wendy xx


thats really funny because yesterday i spoke with my best friend and we discussed writing a book as a memoir to my children and grandchildrein. i am on my second round of treatment and am 42 so still a long way to go before i have would grandchildren so felt it would be a good thing to leave them. well done Dot what a great achievement. you should be so proud!!.


Dear Parvinc

It's such a good idea to create a book. About 20 years ago my Dad was inspired to jot down his wartime memoirs to help my daughter with a project at school. The few pages turned into an 80 page account of his early life and war years and was so popular he followed it up by an account of his life after his return from the war right up to the year of writing it. He had immense pleasure in writing the books and we now have a wonderful account of our family history.

The two books, with photos and commentaries, are much cherished by the whole family and will be enjoyed, I'm sure, by his great grandchildren when they're old enough to read them.

Do write your book and include photos. It will be a fantastic legacy.

Best of luck. Annie xx


Hi Dot weldone I will get the book. Isnt it funny how things come when u need them. I've been poorly with my slipped disc (I had the surgery and am getting better). But after my treatment fo womb and OC I got radiotherapy damage. Although I cope well I am often in the hospital about twice a year with flare up. Have only been in once this year so thought I was doing well. Anyway had a urine infection post op and was on the mend but last night my radio problem started again. Have took all my medicine and am lying in bed feeling sorry for myself when I read your post. I took up painting in our local charity centre about 18 mths ago and love it. Sold a few prints with my other pInting buddies who are suferes and volunteers and have now sold some originals and the money is going to my local womens cancer group. I have only made a small sum but I know how important it will be to them. Also it gives me so much pleasure. Thank you Dot for reminding me that I can do something useful after cancer. I feel much better since I read your story. Take care and keep going everyone. Love Lucy1dog. X


You're truly inspirational Dot, what a fabulous positive attitude ........ Go Girl!! Maz x


Thank you ladies for all your comments :-)

We all have it in us to do things that we have put off but now because of our change of circumstances find a new motivation to put things into practice.

I have been wondering about 'the next project' and after reading your comments I wonder if a similar type of book but with short stories of our journeys with that added something would be the way to go.

I wonder if a recipe book for next christmas (it takes that long to put together) with recipes from Ovarian Cancer Sufferers and their stories could be it. If we got it published then proceeds could go charity for Ovarian Cancer.

It needs to have that special something that makes it different from all the other books out there (the art in mine and the really easy recipes did that for mine).

So, if you think this could be a goer then lets get our heads together.



Dear Dot - I love cooking, love art and love writing. Count me in if there's a plan to create another book. Wouldn't it be wonderful to create it via contacts on this site.

We could include some of the wonderful inspirational comments to be found on this site. It would be a great project!



me too Dot - I am asian and have created some wonderful reciepes which are cancer friendly so - lets all go for it - an inspiration to be around for next christmas!!!


Dot - you are truly inspirational. Well done at raising so much. As Annie, I love cooking, love art, I write myself and have some poetry that I've written. If there's another book in the pipeline, count me in!

Best wishes

Eleni x


I, too love writing, art and cooking. I also write a bit of poetry, as mental exercise and therapy for myself, more than for anyone else, but I would willingly contribute. Well done for starting off a creative thread of comments, Dot! Happy Christmas!

Wendy xx


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