Hi! I was diagnosed in January 2016 with Stage 3c ovarian cancer. Following 6 sessions of Carboplatin and Taxol, my CA 125 dropped from 629.8 to 11.2. Debulking in 2 weeks and thereafter my oncologist says I will not need further chemo unless the cancer returns. So, I'd be grateful if one of the lovely ladies in this group could explain what do many women have Avastin for weeks and weeks following surgery. I live in the Middle East and so far can't fault the care I have received from medics who I gather are up to the minute with best practice in cancer care. Thanks. Jeannine xxx

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  • Dear Jeannie,

    I was given Avastin as part of my second line treatment when I reoccurred. I think the protocol can vary as to when it is given. Congrats on your news and I am happy you are content with the treatment you are getting it does sound second to none.

    Best wishes

    Trish Xx

  • Thanks Trish. Hopefully the shitty cancer will be gone for good! Stay strong and take care. Xxx

  • Well it does seem that you are getting the best possible care and Carbo taxol X6 is usually the first treatment. When you recur there is an option to have Avastin with whatever chemo you are on and you stay on it for up to two years. However it is a possibility that your team do not think you need it at the moment and are holding it for later if needs be. You may never need it but it is just usually offered second or third line depending on what part of the world you reside.

  • Thank you Suzuki. Hopefully I won't need Avastin 😊 For a long time. Take care. Xxx

  • Hi Jeannie

    Avastin is a maintenance treatment which acts to stop new tumours developing a blood supply. I'm having it after my first line chemo...partly because that's the only time when its funded in the UK!

    I think I might have postponed it and waited to find out if my OC was going to come back if it had been more available but I went for grabbing the opportunity because it was there.

    It is not without risks and side effects so you would need to think carefully about whether to have it with your oncology team.

    Hope your recovery goes well xx Lyndall

  • Thanks Lyndall. I have heard about the side effects, so please God I won't need to use Avastin. Lyndall is an unusual name ... I knew a Lyndall Secker when I was a child many moons ago. Take care. Xxx

  • Hi, I haven't had Avastin. Its got mixed outcomes, it works for some and not for others. Patients in England can get it through the cancer drug fund funding of it. It hasn't actually been given approval by NICE for the treatment of ovarian cancer, it was approved by them for the treatment of another type of cancer, can't remember which one.

    You've had a great result from the carbo/taxol and your CA125 is well within the normal range. Good luck with yhour surgery. Ann xo

  • Ann, I was told it was off the menu for first line now unless the Oncologist is convinced it will be beneficial. I have chatted with ladies with very different experiences of it too. xx

  • I'm not certain who can get it now, because we don't get it here, I haven't paid much attention to the changes made by thge Cancer Drugs Fund, NHS England. I know Whippet got it buthad to come off it as it didn't woirk for her. My oncologists words were that it can work for so me but for others it can be detrimental. Ann x

  • Thanks Ann. I have been very lucky to have got such good results from chemo. Hopefully the debulking will be equally as successful. Take care. Xxx

  • Does avastin work for clear cell OVCA? I am NED right now but want to be prepared if this beast rears its head again. My onco has not mentioned this but said I would go back on carbo/taxol for a recurrence as I seemed to be chemo sensitive. I will definitely review the Avastin with him next visit but wanted to know if anyone with clear cell had good results with Avastin preventing recurrence? Thanks.

  • It is a tough answer as it does work for some, it has worked for me but not for others so I dont really know why. I did mean to ask at last apt but of course forgot but I will say it to my gp. When we first start out on our journey we are told we are all different and so its maybe a persons dna which determines which chemo is responsive or not.

  • Hi Jeanne. Hecks! How did I miss such an important post? The relevance of Avastin has always intrigued me. Before starting off the chemo regimen, I had taken the opinions of a well known oncologist in India and also went to Singapore (SOC) for opinion and options. Both of them said they do not do intra peritoneal chemo only I V. They did however strongly recommend Avastin (with a rider on affordabilty), concurrent with Carboplatin and Paclitaxel. This would have also meant the treatment would be prolonged by another seven months and so my wife was a loud NO to the Avastin . However after opinions from two well known onco surgeons in India, who were rooting for intraperitoneal as well as I V, we went ahead with their opinion and here we are six months later, with NED or in Complete Remission as said here. So, I am more and more getting convinced that onco's only follow set protocol and are not yet certain on Avastin. The onco who is treating my wife, when asked on Avastin said ,- we can look at it later if need be. In short, Avastin seems to be more of a rain check on recurrence, although its recommended by many / most as a first line of treatment, if one can afford it.

    Hope you are feeling better now with the post debulking pains.


  • Thanks Naimish. It appears that my OVCA was secondary to a very aggressive, rare carcinosarcoma. Will know for certain when the slides etc are back from the Mayo Clinic. It's all a bit scary but we'll cope. You and your wife take care.

  • Thanks Jeanne,

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